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About Us

About Us


Build a faith-based community to shape and practice our faith, be each other’s keeper, and serve the larger community through service and civic engagement.


Build infrastructure, capacity, content, community engagement models, and institutions to realize our individual and collective vision.

Outcome we seek

Help each other reach the highest human potential through faith and good work.

Core Values

1. We believe in One God, trust in Him and rely on Him

2. We believe all human beings are created equal with equal rights to all that God has given us

3. We aspire to be the best in what a human being can be and actively enable others

4. We hold education, justice, and freedom to be fundamental tenets of our existence

5. We commit to uphold truth, practice patience, and treat each other with empathy

6. We exist to serve others through actively engaging in all that is good and removing ourselves from all that is bad

7. We believe in plurality of religions as a God given right and respect people of all faiths

8. We believe in gender equality and equal rights in all that God has bestowed us with

9. We treat our environment and all natural resources as a gift from God and are measured in our consumption of such resources

10. We have firm faith in the life after death and deem ourselves accountable in the eye of God and to fellow human beings

11. We hold Prophets of God (Mohammad, Jesus, Moses and others) as our key role model to investigate, learn from, and emulate

12. We firmly believe in intellectual rigor, science and technology, and consensus building as means to formulate ideas, policies, and shaping our existence as God’s children on earth

Our Priorities

Develop and actualize practical, intellectual, social and community contexts, tools, space, support, and resources for achieving proper understanding and practice of faith (belief in One God) and good work (peaceful co-existence) as a way of life in our contemporary local, regional, and global societies.

Our Methods

Intellectual rigor, reasoned judgment, revealed texts, prophetic teachings, practical wisdom, empathy, humility, mutual respect, fairness/justice, truth, patience, accountability to God and service to fellow human beings, optimism, persistence, harmony with nature, and peaceful-coexistence.

Our Environment

Create a community of like-minded Muslims and people of other faiths, which provides equal opportunity and nurturing for men, women, youth, children, and family to experience life in its finest form - guided by Qur’anic and Abrahamic scripture based values, principles and faith elements, taking as role models prophets, world leaders, renowned thinkers, eminent scientists and scholars, consensus building, gender equality, sound governance, inspired activism, and passionate commitment to better each other’s lives.


Life is a precious gift from God. God in His infinite mercy and wisdom conveyed the guidance for life through revealed books that came to prophets like Moses, Jesus and Mohammad, to name the most recent prophets that Jews, Christians and Muslims have come to follow and seek guidance from. Aside from divine guidance, every human being, irrespective of gender, ethnic, racial or other differences, have been endowed with gifts of intuition, reasoning, pre-disposition towards goodness and purity of thoughts and ideas, social inclinations, and an innate attachment to seek truth and establish justice and fairness. When we combine our innate capabilities with acquired knowledge and divine guidance, we are able to create a more perfect union of humanity even in the presence of racial, ethnic, cultural, religious, and other diversities.

God declared in the Qur’an: All of Mankind is but a Single Nation – a clarion call to rise above our superficial differences and create a human society that empowers and enables each and every human being on this planet to strive, unhindered by any man made obstacle, to each the pinnacle of his or her full human potential. Our religious diversity is a reflection of our God given freedom to choose and to lead a way of life that appeals to each one of us. As God declared in the Qur’an: For every one of you We have assigned a (different) law and a way and if God pleased, he could have made you all a single community. But He willed it (otherwise) so that He may try you with respect to what He entrusted you with. Therefore, compete with one another in doing good. God is the one you will return to and He will make you truly comprehend in all that you used to differ.

MyLLife  is an organization built on our common belief in One God and our common vision of helping each other become better human beings. This dual vision and aspiration is central to all human thoughts and inspirations and we aspire to create such a community wherever we might live, whatever country we may be citizen of, and whatever religious faith we might adhere to.

We value these fundamental and innate human aspirations, qualities, and endowments:

· Our strong desire for human dignity, justice and fairness, equal opportunity, gender equality, safety, income security, and all that is good and wholesome for all human beings.

· Our constant drive to seek truth, practice emotional intelligence in the face of adversity, and wise treatment of one another with empathy and generosity.

· Our innate drive for knowledge acquisition and empowerment, thoughtful, and measured use of natural resources and tender care of our environment.

· Our innate distaste for all forms of oppression and injustice, indignity to human and other creations, all weapons of mass destruction, spread of ignorance and superstition, abuse and misuse of natural resources.

· Our deliberate faith in God and incessant drive to doing all that is good.

We ask that you join us no matter what your religious or ethnic background is. If you wish to worship God in your own way and want to serve humanity within a common vision, framework and activism, come and join us. We have a long path to walk, high hills to climb and many rivers to traverse. But together all is possible since we possess infinite potential as such possibilities has been breathed into us by God himself who is infinite in knowledge, wisdom, and mercy.