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MyLLife Scholar Reflection: Dylan Sparks

Dylan, a member of our MyLLife Scholars 2023 Cohort, shared her Summer internship experience with us:

Throughout this summer, I had the opportunity to handle a variety of cases in my local prosecutor’s office and gain courtroom experience. I’ve learned important trial skills such as how to work with witnesses, effective ways to craft direct and cross-examinations, and being prepared to face the unexpected. My biggest takeaway has been that with many cases, things aren't going to go exactly the way you plan for in advance. For that reason, it's important to be flexible so you can focus your full energy on the situation that's actually in front of you in the courtroom instead of getting distracted by the situation you wished you had. The best attorneys I've observed are masters of living in the moment - having achieved a balance between spontaneity and careful preparation that takes a great deal of dedication to attain. 

Another key takeaway for me has been the importance of community. I've seen this on the office level, where the attorneys in my office went out of their way to mentor me and help me reach my potential. More than being my coworkers, they were my team. I also learned about community through the work we did on a daily basis as we served the citizens of our county. By standing up for crime victims, advocating for public safety, and striving for just outcomes in our cases, I feel that the work we do makes a substantial difference for the community we call home.

Thank you, Dylan, for sharing your experience!