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Monthly Qur'an Readings

Session 11

Chapter 9: Sura At-Tawba (Repentance) - Continued…

Verses 100-106

The forerunners of the early immigrants (from Makkah) and the helpers (from Madinah who helped the immigrants) and those who followed them in goodness – ALLAH is pleased with them, and they are pleased with Him. God has prepared for them Garden of peace and plenty (with rivers flowing in in) where they will reside forever. This is the ultimate triumph and achievement!

(In contrast) there are hypocrites among the Bedouins who lives around you and of the people of this town (Madinah) who persist in hypocrisy. You do not know them, but We (God) know them. They will face the consequence of their condition twice and will be driven to the final sequel of severe consequence. And there are others who have acknowledged their failings – they confounded their good works with evil deeds. Perhaps God will incline to them since God is Forgiving and Merciful!

You should accept their charity (and good works) so that they can cleanse themselves and offer prayer for them so that they can continue to grow. Your prayer is a source of comfort for them. God certainly hears, and He knows! Don’t they know that God is always approving of repentance from His creation and accepting their good works? God is Forgiving and Merciful!

Say: “Do good work. God is watching and so are the Messenger and your fellow people of faith. You will eventually come face to face with the One (God) Who knows what is exposed and what is hidden, and God will inform you about your pursuits and your conducts.” There are others about whom God has not given His final determination. God will make them face the consequence or show His mercy. God is fully Aware and God is Wise!

Verses 107-110

There are those who built a mosque to cause harm, create doubt in faith, cause disunity among the faithful and intend to host someone who declared war against ALLAH and His Messenger in the past. They will swear by it that they mean nothing but good whereas God bear His Own witness that they are clearly telling a lie. You shall never stand in it! A mosque built on the foundation of God consciousness and accountability from the beginning is more suitable for you to stand in - in it are people driven to clean themselves (and to grow spiritually). God loves those who wish to cleanse (and grow)!

Who is better – one who lays foundation on God consciousness, has a deep sense of accountability and strives for God’s grace or the one who lays a foundation on the edge of a crumbling riverbank, bound to break apart with them into the fire of their evil consequence (hell)? God does not afford guidance to people who are corrupt and unjust! The institution which they have built will become a source of anxiety in their hearts untill their hearts are broken to total dismay. God Knows and God is Wise!

Verses 111-116

Indeed, ALLAH had bargained the lives and possessions of the faithful in exchange for the reward of the Garden (heaven). They struggle in God’s way – sometimes they gain the upper hand, other times they lose. This is an arrangement (promise) God had committed in the Torah, the Bible and this Qur’an; and who is more committed to his promise than God? Therefore, be glad at this bargain you had made; this is the source of the greatest achievement.

(Such faithful are the ones) who (1) turn to God in repentance, (2) worship God, (3) praise God, (3) journey (in the way of God), (3) bow down to God, (4) prostrate themselves to God, (5) actively encourage what is good and actively work against all that is evil, and (6) live within the bound of what God had guided them to. (O Prophet), inform such faithful of the good outcome (they had bargained for).

It is not proper for the Prophet and the faithful to seek forgiveness from God for those polytheists, even if they are from among your relatives, if it had become known that they had indeed been unfaithful. When Abraham asked for forgiveness for his father, it was because of a promise he made to his father but once it became clear to him that his father was an enemy to God, he distanced himself from his father. Abraham was, as always, soft-hearted and forbearing.

It is not godly that God should drive people to disbelief and evil after He has given them guidance and made clear to them what the boundaries are to live by. God is Aware of all things and His is the dominion over the universe and the earth. God controls life and causes death. Besides God, you have no other protectors or helpers.

Verses 117-122

ALLAH indeed relented to the Prophet, the immigrants (from Makkah) and the helpers (from Madinah) who followed him throughout the hardship (of Tabuk expedition and prior difficult undertakings), even as some were tempted to deviate (from the task at hand); God tuned to them in mercy as well. God is ever Gentle and Merciful to them, including those three who failed to join. The earth, despite its vastness, was constraining to them (due to social isolation) and their own souls felt confined (due to sense of guilt and failure) such that they fully realized that they have no one to turn to but God; God relented to them so that they might repent to Him. God is Ever Relenting and Merciful!

O People of Faith, maintain your sense of duty and commitment and always be with those who are truthful. It is inappropriate for the citizens of Madinah and the Bedouins from the surrounding areas to remain behind (despite a call from the Prophet) and to prefer their lives to his. Whatever afflictions you may suffer of thirst or hunger or fatigue in pursuit of truth and justice, or traverse a path that might enrage those who deny God’s grace, or any triumph you gain or failure you suffer from your adversary, all are written down in your account as good work. Any support you provide, large or small (for just cause) and a distant journey (deliberate effort) you take, it is documented so that God may compensate you for your works.

The communities of faithful should not go forth all together. It is better that some from every community should refrain from going (for war or journey) so that they can devote time and effort to improve their understanding of their faith to guide their communities, including those when they are back so that all can be mindful of God.

Verses 123-129

O People of Faith, fight against those who are deep into disbelief, whom you know well and let them find constancy in your stance against them. You should know that ALLAH aids those who are conscientious and act responsibly!

Any time a new chapter (of the Qur’an) is revealed, some of the deniers say: “Whose faith has been increased by this revelation?” But those who have attained faith already, such revelations certainly enhance their faith further along and they are assured (by such revelations). As for those whose heart is perverse, such revelations only add to their perversity and denial and they approach end of their lives in continued denial. Do they not realize that they are being put to test once or twice every year, yet, they neither change their mind nor become mindful? Any time a new chapter is revealed (exposing them), they look at one another and say: “Does anyone see you?”, and then they turn away. God had allowed their hearts to turn away - they are a people who are unwilling to understand and reflect.

Certainly, a Messenger (rasul) has come to you, being from your own community. Paramount in his mind is his concern for your wellbeing and that no difficulties ever come to you; and for the faithful, he is full of empathy and caring. (Despite such care) if people still turn away, then say (Prophet): “God alone is sufficient for me! There is no god but God. I do rely on God and God’s are the command and regulation of our universe!”

Chapter 10: Yunus (Jonah)

Verses 1-4

In the name of ALLAH, the God of Mercy, the Endower of Mercy!

Alif, Lam, Ra. These are the guidance (ayat) of the Book of Wisdom. How is it that you find it unbelievable that We (God) brought revelations to a human being from amongst yourselves, to caution people and to provide assurance to those who establish faith to have full confidence in their pursuits (qadama sidqin) with their Creator and Sustainer. Those who deny ALLAH say: “ This is a clear enchantment.”

Certainly, your Sustainer is the God Who created the universe and the earth in six stages (ayyamin) and assumed control to manage its affairs. No one can interfere except with God’s permission. This is God, your Sustainer – serve Him! How is it that you are not mindful of this? To God you all will be gathered, a promise of truth from God. Indeed, His is the first creation and its continuous evolutions and reproductions, so that He may justly reward those who demonstrate faith and perform good works. As for those who deny God, there will be unfulfilled quench for life and serious negative consequences for their lack of belief.

Verses 5-10

It is God Who made the sun a bright star (diay’an) and the moon a light (nuran) and prescribed movements that help you determine the calculation of years (time) and shapes accountability (for lifetime of opportunities). ALLAH arranged these as your reality and made these as visible signs for those who wish to know. Indeed, in the alternations of the day and the night, and all that God had created and placed in the universe and on this earth, are definitive manifestations (of His presence) for those people who wish to be mindful and act responsibly (taqwa)!

Those who deny the possibility of meeting Us (God) are content with the life of this world and feels no desire to look beyond - are the ones who pay no attention to such of Our signs and evidence. These are the ones who are destined to the abyss of despair (fire of Hell) because of what they pursued. (In contrast), those who attain faith and demonstrate good work, their Sustainer God will guide them through their faith to peace and plenty (rivers flowing beneath) in the Garden of Contentment (Heaven). Their supplications therein will be: “O God, all glory is to You!” And they will offer greetings of peace (to one another). And their concluding words will be: “All praises belong to God, the Sustainer of the universe!”

Verses 11-14

If ALLAH were to rush to judgment and bring out the consequence of mankind’s evil acts, in a manner like how they rush to things they consider good for themselves, their doom (ajal)would have already been decreed and carried out. But God allows latitude to those who have no expectation of meeting God, to thoughtlessly wander around in their disobedience and reckless behavior and disbelief.

When adversities and difficult situations affect people, they call on God constantly and instinctively but as soon as God removes such afflictions, they act as though they had never called on God for such afflictions that had touched them. Such is their condition who rationalize their thoughtlessness, and complacency in their evil conducts (musrifin).

Certainly We (God) had removed generations in the past who refused to accept faith (and goodness) despite having Messengers who articulated guidance for them. This is how We (God) deal with people who persist in evils. We then made you (the current generation) to become (Our) representatives (khalifa) on this earth so that We might assess how you act.

Verses 15-20

When Our (God’s) revelations are presented to them, specially to those who deny that they will come back to Us, they say: “Bring a Qur’an that is different from this or change it”. Say to them: “I cannot change it on my own accord. I follow nothing other than what is revealed to me. If I were to alter what came from my Sustainer God, then I would be afraid of its consequence, especially on a Day of dire difficulties”. Say further: “If ALLAH had so willed, I would not have come to recite this to you, nor would God make this known to you. You know that I have lived among you for almost a lifetime already. What is it that you do not comprehend?”

Who can be more at fault that the one who pronounces lie about God or deny God’s revelations? Such deniers will not succeed. Such people serve others beside God as deities who can do neither harm nor any good. They say: “These are our intermediaries for God.” Reply to them: Are you informing God of what He is not aware of in (His own) universe and on this planet (of His)? God’s glory is above what they ascribe to Him!

All of mankind is but one single community but they started to aspire divergent views. Had not a decree (kalimah) from your Sustainer God already been pronounced in this matter, their disagreements would have been dealt with already. They say: Why does not God send a sign (a miracle or a proof) to him?” Say to them: “Only God knows what He had not expressed yet. You should wait then, and I too am with you who wait.”

Verses 21-24

(Consider) when We (God) show people our mercy and good life after an adversity, they immediately start to develop a plot against our messages. Inform them: “ALLAH is even quicker in developing a plot.” Indeed, our messengers (angels and others) write down what you plot. (Know that) it is God Who enables you to travel by land and sea. You are on a ship and you set sail in good weather, delighted in it, until violent wind come from nowhere and big wave surrounds you from all sides; you feel you have no escape. Then you begin to pray to God, with sincerity and submission to His will: “God, if You deliver us from this, you will find us grateful.” Yet, once God gives them deliverance, they turn to evils on this earth against all truth.

O mankind, such defiance only acts against your own selves – such freedom is only extended in this life. Then you will come back to Us and We will inform you about your conducts and pursuits.

The life of on this planet can be explained in this parable: We (God) sends down rain from above and cause vegetations to flourish which become the source of nourishment for mankind and animals alike. Such abundance of growth beautifies the earth with color, fragrance and joyful presence and people begins to believe that they have become the master of their fortune and this earth. But Our (God’s) reminders come by day or by night and We render the earth like a field freshly mown down, as if it did not exist the day before. This is how We spell out the details for those who wish to reflect (and repurpose their lives).

Verses 25-30

ALLAH invites to peace and tranquility! God guides whom He wills to true guidance. Whoever does good, God will reward good for them and more. They will face neither disappointment nor shame and will be given gardens in which to live.

Those who do evils, the consequence will be likewise evil, and they will be shamed. They have none to protect them from God and they will find themselves obscured as if the darkness of the night has fallen on them. They are in the company of those who are in the Fire and therein they will be confined.

A day will come when We (God) will gather them back together and We (God) will say to the polytheists: “Stay where you are, you and your deities.” We will then separate them, and their deities will say: “You did not serve us. God alone is sufficient as a witness between you and us; we were unaware of you ever worshipping us.” This is how every human soul will recognize what it had accomplished before, and now that they are brought face to face with God, their true Patron, all of their past false gods and dogmas will desert them.”

Verses 31-36

Ask: “Who gives you sustenance from the universe and the earth? Who controls your ability to hear or to see? Who brings forth the living from the dead and brings forth the dead from the living? Who controls and regulates the affairs (of life and the natural world)?” Their reply will be:

“It is ALLAH.” Ask: “Will you not then be mindful and act responsibly?” Such is your God, your true Sustainer! Outside of truth, there are only conjecture and manufactured falsehood. How is it then you do not pay attention? This is how God proves reality against those who persistently deny and reject faith.

Ask: “Is there anyone from those of your deities and godheads who can bring out the first creations and then guide their evolution?” Say:” It is God Who causes the first creations and then He guides their evolutions. How come you continue to deny? Ask: Does any of your deities guide to the truth? Say:” It is God who guides to the truth. Is not the One who guides you to the truth more worthy to be followed than one who cannot find his own ways unless guided?” What is really the matter with you? How do you assess reality?

Most of them follow nothing except creating conjectures and manufacturing falsehood. Such falsehood cannot withstand truth. God certainly knows what they do!

Verses 37-44

This Qur’an is not something that can be devised by anyone other than ALLAH; (furthermore) it verifies and confirms previous revelations and provides clear explanation of the book (of guidance), in which there is no doubt, coming from the Sustainer of the Universe! Do they say: “He (Prophet) has forged it?” Reply: “(If so), then bring a chapter like this and seek help from anyone other than God, if you speak the truth?”

They reject anything that they are unable (or unwilling) to comprehend while the final outcome (ta’wil) is yet to come to them. Some of their previous generations behaved in a similar manner and you can see what their fate was due to their wrong doings. Some of them believe in this guidance and some of them do not believe in it. But your Sustainer God knows well those who are deep in corruptions and mischiefs.

If they reject you (Prophet), say to them: “My work is for me and your work is for you. I am not accountable for what you do, and you are not accountable for what I do.” Some of them do listen to you but how can you make someone understand who act as if deaf? Some of them see you but how can you show someone the way who act as if blind. God does not do injustice to people but they themselves do injustice to their own selves!

Verses 45-53

On the day when ALLAH will gather them, (they will feel as if) they only lived for an hour of a day; they will recognize (their previous relationships with) one another. Those who rejected their meeting with God and did not strive to find guidance, they will indeed be in jeopardy (on that day). Irrespective of whether We bring about what We promise, or you die, they will (eventually) return to Us; God is a Witness to what they do.

To every community (ummah), there is a (designated) Messenger; so, when such messengers (and their messages) arrive, their affairs are decided based on just principles and no wrong is done to them. They ask: “When will this promise (of God) take place, if you speak the truth?” Tell them: “I have no control over any harm or benefit that might come to me except as God wills. For every community is a term set (azalun) and when such a term is about to manifest, they can neither defer it by a moment or hasten it before (its time).” Say: “When God’s promise (retribution) comes about either by the hour of the day or the night, what part of it will you want to speed up? Is it that when it happens, you will now turn to belief while in the past you asked to speed up such an outcome?”

It will be said to those who acted unjustly: “Face the consequence of what you have earned; your reality is but what you have striven for.” They further ask: “Is this really true?” Tell them: “Yes, by my God it is the real truth; you will not escape (the judgment of God).”

Verses 54-60

If any soul, that is guilty of injustice, owns all that is on earth, it will offer up, all of it, to save itself. Such people will be full of regrets once they see the consequence of their conducts. Their affairs will be decided with justice and no injustice will be done. Don’t you know that all that is in the universe and on earth belongs to ALLAH and God’s promise are true, though most of them dispute or are unmindful. God creates life and causes death and to God you all will be brought back.

O Mankind: Certainly, a cautionary reminder (mawyizatun) has come to you from your Sustainer God and a solace (shifaaun) for the heart; it is a guidance and a source of grace for the faithful. Tell them: “It is the grace of God and His mercy that should be the source of your joy and contentment, not what of material things you (work so hard) to hoard.”

Say: “See how God has gifted you provisions for all, yet some of it you make lawful (keep to yourself) and some of it you make unlawful (to deprive others).” Ask: “Did God made such determinations, or you are lying about God’s word?” What would be the condition of such people on the Day of Resurrection, who lie against God while God is ever Bountiful to mankind, but many are not thankful.

Verses 61-66

In no condition or engagement you might find yourself, no portion of the Qur’an that you might be reading, reflecting or explaining and no work which you might be doing, that We (God) are not a witness to such of your occupations. Neither is there anything of the weight of an atom on the earth or in the universe hidden from your Sustainer God, nor anything smaller nor larger than that. These are all but, in a book, well documented.

Now for the friends to God, who are faithful and are mindfully responsible will have no fear not will they grieve. For them are the good news and outcomes in this life and in the life to come. God’s words and promises suffer no changes and such outcome is an achievement worth striving for.

Let not the speech and conduct of some be a source of grief for you. All the glory and might belongs to God and comes from God. God Hears and God Knows! Whatever exists in the universe and what is on this earth belong to God alone. Those who invoke others besides God, what is it that they follow? It is nothing but false conjectures and they indeed lie!

Verses 67-70

It is God who established the night to find rest and comfort therein and the day to enable you to see. Surely these have meanings for those who wish to listen.

Some people say: God has a son! What! God has all the glory by Himself and He is totally Self-Sufficient. All that is in the universe and on earth belongs to God. You have no authority to make such assertions. Are you saying things about God that you have no knowledge of? Say: Those who attribute such lies to God will not succeed. A brief period of existence in this worldly life and then you will return to God. God will then make you face the severe consequences of your denials.

Verses 71-76

And narrate to them the story of Noah when he said to his people: “O my people, if you find it hard (to accept) my presence among you and my delivering messages from ALLAH to you, then know that I only rely on God. Therefore, you should decide your course of action, you and your partners, and have no doubt about your course of action. Then follow through your decision against me and give me no respite. But if you turn away, know that I ask for no compensation from you. My compensation is from God only and I am commanded to be with those who align with God (as a muslim).” But they (his community) rejected him; so We (God) delivered him and those who were believers with him in the ark and gave them the opportunity to govern (themselves) while those who denied the messages, We cause them to be drowned. Therefore, you should wonder about the end results of those who have been warned (before).

After him (Noah), We continued to send messengers to them; messengers who came with sound arguments and reasoning, but they continued to deny what they rejected before. This is how We allowed their hearts to be impervious (to the truth) because they transgressed the boundary (of faith and goodness). Following these prophets, We sent Moses and Aaron to Pharaoh and his Advisers with Our Messages but they were blind with pride and they were consumed in sinful conducts and practices. So, when the message of truth came to them, they said to themselves: “This is a clear deception!”

Verses 77-86

Moses said: “Do you say that this truth that has come to you is a deception? (Do you know that) those who deceive will never succeed?” They responded: “Have you come to us to move us away from what we found our forefathers to be following? And perhaps you two wish to have greatness in the land. We are not going to have any faith in you two.” Pharaoh then commanded: “Bring all skilled magicians to me.”

When the magicians gathered, Moses told them: “Go head and cast your spell.” So, when they displayed their spell, Moses said: What you just brought forth is nothing but deception and God will bring these to nothing. God does not allow works of deception, mischief, and corruption to thrive.” God will surely establish the truth by His words, though those who are guilty will dislike. But none believed in Moses, except a few from his own community, for fear of persecution from Pharaoh and his chiefs, who were oppressive in the land and they were drawn to excess (abuse of power and wealth).

Moses told his people: “O my followers, if you believe in God, then rely on Him, as a mark of your true submission (muslim).” His followers prayed: “We put our trust in God. O our Sustainer God, may You not render us as a source of persecution for people who are unjust and may You deliver us, by Your Mercy, from people who deny Your Grace.”

Verses 87-92

We (God) inspired Moses and his brother: “Take up residence with your people in Egypt and turn your houses into places of worship; do establish regular prayer and encourage those who have believed.” Moses prayed: “O our Sustainer God, you have given Pharaoh and his Chiefs wealth and grandeur which they use to abuse and mislead people. Our Sustainer, may You destroy their possessions and insulate the hearts so that they do not accept faith until the consequence of their evils catches up with them.” God said: “Your prayer has been accepted. So, continue to follow the right guidance and do not act like those who are ignorant.”

We (God) brought the Children of Israel across the sea (to safety) while Pharaoh and his army chased them to continue their oppression and evils till the moment when drowning overtook him, he said: “I now believe that there is no god but God in Whom the Children of Israel believe, and I am one who submits to God (as a muslim).” What Now! Whereas before this moment, you denied and made mischiefs and evils. But this day We (God) shall preserve your body and make it a reminder for those who comes after you, though most people are not mindful of such events and signs.

Verses 93-97

Thereafter, We (God) granted the Children of Israel safe and secure places to live and provided them with good sustenance. They were united until knowledge (of mutual rights and obligations) was given to them (through the Torah and the prophets). Indeed, your Sustainer God will provide judgment on the Day of Resurrection regarding matters that they held divergent views.

If you are in doubt about what has been revealed to you, then ask those who read the Book (previous revelations) before you. Do not be among those who doubt, since the truth has come your Sustainer God. Also, do not be among those who reject the message of God since you will not succeed. Indeed, those who have proven to be unfaithful, as God had willed, will not benefit from guidance though they will be offered repeatedly to observe and to reflect until they are face to face with the severe consequence.

Verses 98-103

How is it that there has not been a community that did believe so that their belief (and resultant goodness) would have profited them, except the followers of Jonah? Once they have attained faith (and goodness) We (God) removed their suffering and disgrace in this life and gave them freedom (and provision) to carry out their term of existence. If your Sustainer God had willed, people on earth would have accepted faith and goodness, all of them. Will you then force people to become believers (take away their God-given choices)?

It is not for a soul to accept faith except as God wills. God lets disbelief and evils to take hold on those who exerts not to understand and reason. Say: “Take lessons from what is in the universe and on this earth.” Those who lack faith will not benefit from such expositions, narratives, and admonitions. What are they waiting for - their wait (for clarity) being no different than their previous generations? Say: “Wait then; I too wait with you.” We (God) then delivered those who believed and our Messengers, as always. It is binding on ALLAH to deliver the people of faith and goodness.

Verses 104-109

Say: “O people, if you doubt about what I (Prophet) convey to you as ALLAH’s guidance, then let it be known that I do not worship or serve any of your deities and belief but that of God alone Who brings your death and demise and I am commanded to have faith (in God). You should set yourself sincerely to the right faith and stay away from polytheism. You should not invoke and seek out anyone, other than God, which can neither benefit you nor cause you any harm. If you do so, you are only proving your denials and unfairness (to yourself). If God were to let any affliction touch you, there is none who can remove it and if He intends goodness for you, none can take away His Grace. God brings out consequences to His creations as He wills. God is truly full of Mercy and Forgiveness!”

Say: O people, truth has indeed been conveyed to you from your Sustainer God. Now whoever seeks and follows the true guidance, does it for his or her own good and whoever misguides, does it to his or her own peril. I am (as a prophet) not responsible for your conducts! (As for my followers) follow what has been revealed to you and be patient till God brings about just outcomes as God is Best of all judges!

Chapter 11: Surah Hud (Hud)

Verses 1-6

In the name of ALLAH, the God of Mercy, the Endower of Mercy!

Alif Lam Ra. A book (divine revelation – this Qur’an) that contains guidance based on knowledge and wisdom, facilitates its own meaning and essence – gifted by the One (God) Who is Wise and Aware! So, you should worship and serve none but God.

(Say Prophet): “I am coming to you from ALLAH to warn but also to give good news. You should ask for forgiveness and align yourself with God. God will provide you with goodness for your appointed term (in this life) and bestow His grace to whomever is well deserving (in the afterlife). But if you do not align, then I am afraid for you of its serious consequence on an awesome day. To God is your ultimate return and God’s reign encompasses everything and everyone.”

Now there are those who lie to conceal (their dislike) from him (the prophet) but God knows what is in their hearts just as He knows when they cover themselves with garments as to what they conceal and what remains exposed. God is always in the know about the condition of their hearts.

There is no living being on this planet except that its sustenance is with God. He knows their residences and their accomplishments – all are documented in full detail.

***Excerpt from Volume 4: Personal Accountability – Removing the Middleman Series, by Rashed Hasan. Copyright by Author***

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