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Monthly Qur'an Readings

Session 27

Chapter 51: The Disperser (Surah Al-Dhariyat)

In the name of God, the God of Mercy, the Endower of Mercy

Verses 1 - 14

The dispersers as they disperse

Picking up loads

Running their courses with ease!1

Those who regulate affairs

The promise to become reality

The judgement to be executed2 (v1-6)

The heavens with their pathways

While you differ in your opinions

One who turns away from it (message)

Why would you?

Shame on those who lie

Find themselves in an abyss, abandoned

They jest – When is this Day of Judgement?

It is a day when they will be put on trial by the fire!

Face the consequences

Something you wanted to quicken!

Verses 15 - 23

Those who acted responsibly

Find themselves in gardens and fountains

Taking in the gifts from God

Results of good work done before

They did sleep but little at night

Sought forgiveness at dawn

Assigned a portion of their wealth

For indigents and those deprived!

The earth contains evidence, if you have conviction

Even in your own existence – don’t you see?

The heavens hold sustenance and promises for you

The Sustainer of the heavens and the earth confirms the truth

Just as you hold your speech to be real!

Verses 24 - 37

(Prophet)! Has the story of Abraham been related to you yet? They (angels) came to him and said, “Peace!” He replied, “Peace!”, and (said to himself) – these are strangers! He instructed his family for their hospitality and arranged the feast of a roasted calf. He placed the food before them and then said, “Will you not eat?” and became somewhat fearful of them. They replied, “Fear not!”, and gave him the good news of a son who will be gifted with knowledge. (Hearing this) his wife (Sarah) came out in grief, smiting her face and exclaimed, “I am an old barren woman!” They comforted her, “This is what your Sustainer God has decreed. God is Wise, Knowing!” (v24-30)

Abraham asked, “What is your message, O Messengers! They replied, “We had been sent to a community, already marked as guilty for their excesses, to punish them with stones of clay and to bring out any believers therein, but we found only one household devoted to God.” That place contains signs for those who wish to be mindful of painful consequences!3

Verses 38 - 51

(These are signs) (1) in Moses - We sent him to Pharaoh with manifest authority, but Pharaoh refused along with his compatriots and said, “This is a sorcerer or a madman!” Then We seized him and his army and throw them into the sea – he wronged himself!, (2) in A’d – on whom We sent destructive wind that consumed everything that came against it and turned them into pieces, (3) in Thamud – who were cautioned, “Enjoy for a short while”, but they defied the commandment of ALLAH and the blast overwhelmed them – they could see it coming but could neither move away or find help!, (4) in the people of Noah before these – they were truly unjust!

(Other signs) (5) the heavens that We made with Our power, and We are the maker of its vast expanse, (6) the earth that We spread out and how excellent We are in making it level, and (7) everything that We created in pair – that you may become mindful. Therefore, quicken you pace to ALLAH! (Say), “I (Mohammad) am truly a warner to you from God! Do not set up another god with God. Again, I am truly a warner to you from God!

Verses 52 - 60

To the previous generations, there also came prophets who were called a sorcerer or a madman. Were they encouraging one another? They are indeed a people who are rebellious! Ignore them and you have no blame (for their behavior) but continue to remind as such reminders are good for the believers!

I have created jinn and humankind for no other reasons that to serve Me. I desire no provisions from them, not do they need to feed Me! ALLAH is the true Provider of provisions – God of Power and Strength! (v56-58)

The destiny of the evildoers is like the destiny of those who were a party to them – so let them not seek to quicken the outcome – woe to those who disbelieve because a day has been promised to them already!

Chapter 52: The Mountain (Surah Al-Tur)

In the name of God, the God of Mercy, the Endower of Mercy!

Verses 1 - 16

The Mountains!

The written book

On unfolded parchment!

The house frequently visited!

The elevated sky!

The swollen sea!

The accountability from God is sure to occur

There in none who can avoid!

It is a day

That puts heavens in a state of commotion

The mountains will float

Fleeing away!

Brings shame to the deniers

They used to amuse themselves with self-serving talks

Driving them towards the fire with torment!

“This is the fire that you denied

Are you delusional or do you really see?

Suffer in it

Bear with patience or without – the same!

A retribution for your own conduct.”

Verses 17 - 24

Those who acted responsibly (muttaquin)

They are in gardens, well pleased!

Content with what God has offered them

Grateful for being saved from the burning fire and its torment!

Eat and drink with relish

As rewards for your conduct

Reclining on couches set in rows

Joined by spouses pure and pleasing!”

Parents who believed

And their children who followed them in faith

God will unite them

None will be deprived the fruits of their work!

Every human being is bound by what it does!

We (God) provide for them fruits and meats as they wish

Cups with drinks passed from person to person

Drinks that lead to neither idle talk nor sinful acts!

Youths, like hidden pearls, wait on them

Verses 25 - 38

They approach one another inquiring

“We were concerned about our families in the past life

But God has been gracious!

Saved us from the intense heat!

We remembered God before

God is Good – God of Mercy!”

Therefore, remind people (O Prophet)!

You are neither a magician nor a man possessed

Or do they assert, “A poet – let’s wait to see his fate.”

Reply, “I too wait with you all.”

Is it that they have poor understanding?

Or, they are simply arrogant?

They say, “He fabricated this!”

Really? They have no faith!

Why don't they then bring such revelations if they claim the truth?

Were they created out of nothing?

Or, they themselves are creators?

Did they create the heavens and the earth?

No, they lack certainty! (v33-36)

Do they own the treasure of God?

Or, have any control over?

Or a ladder to climb and eavesdrop?

Let them then bring a proof!

Verses 39 - 49

Does God have daughters?

And they have sons?

Do you (Prophet) ask for any reward?

That they feel burdened with a debt?

Can they possess the knowledge of unseen?

That they can write them down?

Are they fetching a plot?

But the disbelievers get caught in their own plot!

Do they have a god beside God, the Glorious?

God is above anything they associate!

If they were to see a portion of heavens comes down, they would say, “Clouds piling up” – so let them be until the Day of their reckoning when they will be thunderstruck, the day when their erstwhile pursuits will not save them, and they will not be rendered any help. For these who are unjust there are other consequences besides this Day but most of them are unaware.

Therefore, patiently wait the decision from God – you (Prophet) are under Our watchful eyes! Glorify your God with praises – when your rise! At nighttime too extend the glorious remembrance and when the stars fade away!

Chapter 53: The Star (Surah An-Najm)

In the name of God, the God of Mercy, the Endower of Mercy!

Verses 1 - 12

The star as it sets

Your companion (Prophet) has neither strayed, nor erred

Nor he speaks out of vain desires!

It is a revelation, revealed

Taught to him by one mighty in prowess5

Full of vigor

Stood on the highest horizon

And drew near, and nearer (to Prophet)

Almost within two bows’ length

Or even closer!

Thus God revealed

To a servant (Prophet)

What was to be revealed

The heart (Prophet’s) was not deluded in what it saw!

Do you then dispute -as to what he saw?

Verses 13 - 25

He (Prophet) indeed saw him (Gabriel)

On another occasion

By the lote tree on the outskirts

Near the Garden of Restfulness

The lote tree covered with its shade

The eye neither failed, nor imagined

But saw some of the greatest artifacts of ALLAH!

Have you (Deniers!) accepted Lat and Uzza

And a third – Manat?

Males for you and females for God?

It is an allocation most outrageous! Nothing but names, invented by you and your forefathers with no authority from God – full of conjectures and vain desires. But guidance from your Cherisher God has now come to you!

Shall humankind have what it wants?

But it is God Who regulates the Hereafter and the former!

Verses 26 - 32

How many angels in heavens whose intercession will be of no use unless ALLAH allows as such and for whom God is pleased with? It is the deniers of Hereafter who give angels female names, without any knowledge. These are nothing but guesswork, and guesswork cannot prevail over truth! So, avoid those who turns their backs to Our Reminder as they pursues nothing but this earthly life. Such is their pursuit of knowledge, whereas your Cherisher God knows who strays from God’ guidance and who is rightly guided.

God’s is everything that exists in the heavens and on earth. God brings about the evils of those who do evils and goodness for those who do good - those who avoid great transgressions, indecent acts and may suffer from only minor lapses. Your Cherisher God is generous in Forgiveness! God knows when God extracted (created) you from the earth and when God reproduces you from your mother’s wombs. Therefore, do not assign greatness to yourself, God knows those who act responsibly.

Verses 33 - 47

Do you see who turns back?

He gives a little, and then withholds

Does he have knowledge of the Unseen that he is certain?

Or, has he not been informed what is already in the scripture given to Moses?

Or, knows the life of Abraham who fulfilled (his commitments)

No bearer will bear the burden of another

Humankind can have nothing except what it strives for

Soon such striving will be exposed

You will be rewarded in due measures

To your Cherisher God is your destination!

God makes you laugh, God makes you weep

God causes your death, gives your life

God creates in pairs – male and female

From ovum where it is secured

God had ordained second coming (resurrection)

Verses 48 - 62

ALLAH is Who gives wealth and contentment

God is the Master of Sirius

God is the One who destroyed the first A’d

Took accounts from Thamud

And the people of Noah before

They were unjust and arrogant

God brough down cities

Overthrown and covered by itself!

Which benefits of your Cherisher God do you dispute?

This is a warning, like prior times

The imminent Hour is ever approaching

None but God can postpone it

Do you bemuse about this announcement?

You laugh but not weep

You sport, being oblivious

(whereas) you should bow down to God and serve!7

Chapter 54: The Moon (Surah Al-Qamar)

In the name of God, the God of Mercy, the Endower of Mercy!

Verses 1 - 15

The Hour approaches

And the moon splits!

Whenever they see a sign, they deny and say: “magnified enchantment”, giving lie and following their vain desires. But all matters are documented and there have come to them knowledge that should deter – consummate wisdom – yet, it deters them not.

So (Prophet), turn away from them. (Let them contemplate) the day when the Summoner will summon them to a terrifying event – their gaze cast down, as they come out of the graves like scattered locusts – rushing towards the Summoner. The disbelievers on that day will say, “This is a day that will be difficult.”

Prior to these people, the community of Noah also denied – they rejected Our Servant (Noah) and called him mad and rebuked him. So he called upon his Cherisher God, “I am powerless. Help me!” So We (God) opened the gates of heaven with torrential rains and water gushing forth from springs on earth – water gathering according to a measure, for a defined purpose. We floated him on a boat made of planks and nails, moving on before Our eyes, as a reward for him who has been rejected! We also preserved it as a reminder, but is there anyone who minds?

So how was My chastisement and My warning (if you care to reflect)? We have made this Qur’an easy to remember but are there people who are mindful?

Verses 16 – 32

The community of Ad also denied – how was My chastisement and My warning? We sent over them violent wind on a day of terrible consequence – blowing people away as if the trunks of palm trees torn to pieces.

So how was My chastisement and My warning (if you care to reflect)? We have made this Qur’an easy to remember but are there people who are mindful?

The people of Thamud rejected the warning. They contended, “What! A lonely man among us! Shall we follow him? In that case we will be misguided and insane. How is it that only he among us has been given the reminder? He is but a great liar!

Tomorrow they will know who the liar is – as We send a she-camel to try them – so watch them (Prophet Salih) and be patient! Tell them that water should be shared between them and equitably proportioned. They called on their companion, who took (a sword) and hamstrung (the camel). So how was My chastisement and My warning (if you care to reflect)? We sent on them a single blast and they were like dry fragments that a fence maker collects.

We have made this Qur’an easy to remember but are there people who are mindful?

Verses 33 – 55

The people of Lot denied the warnings. We sent against them a sandstorm, except the followers of Lot, whom We saved before dawn, as a favor from Us and as a reward to those who give thanks. He certainly warned them of our firm grip, but they dismissed such warnings even as they tried to overpower his guests from him. So We blinded their sights and let them taste My chastisement and My warning – a chastisement that overtook them in the morning, the remnant of which still remains! Therefore, taste My chastisement and see the consequence of My warning!

We have made this Qur’an easy to remember but are there people who are mindful?

Certainly the warnings reached to the people of Pharaoh but they rejected all evidence. So We overtook them with the grip of Our Might, Our Overwhelming Power! Are you, as disbelievers, better than these or you have secured an immunity from a scripture? They even assert, “We are a host united to help each other.” But soon the host will be defeated, and they will turn back and flee. The promised Hour is here, and this hour is most disastrous and despairing! The wicked are in error and in distress as on the day when they will be dragged to the Fire with their faces down and told – “Taste the touch of Hell!”

Surely We (God) have created everything with precision and purpose! Our command is but once and executed in the blink of an eye! We have destroyed the likes of you before – so is there anyone to pay heed? Everything they do is put in writing – everything large or small are written down.

Those who acts responsibly are in gardens with rivers, secure in truth with the most Powerful Sovereign!

Chapter 55: The Beneficent God (Surah Ar-Rahman)

In the name of God, the God of Mercy, the Endower of Mercy!

Verses 1 - 13

The Beneficent God!

Who taught the Qur’an!

Created humankind!

Taught them the power of expression!

The sun and the moon follow a prescribed path

The stars and the trees submit to their design and purpose

The high heavens – God raised them!

God set harmony in nature

That you may not disturb such harmony

Maintain balance in society with equity and justice

Do no temper with or destroy the social balance!

The earth – God made it ready for its creatures!

Fruits and palms with protective sheaths!

Grains with husks and fragrant plants!

Which of God’s bounties can you both then deny?

Verses 14 – 30

God created humankind with dry clay, as in pottery

And jinn with smokeless fire!

Which of God’s bounties can you both then deny?

God is the master of two Easts (rising)

God is the master of two Wests (setting)!

Which of God’s bounties can you both then deny?

God makes two bodies of water to flow freely, and then they meet

But there is a barrier – that they cannot cross!

Which of God’s bounties can you both then deny?

There come forth from them both pearls – large, small, brilliant!

Which of God’s bounties can you both then deny?

The ships that plough through high seas like mountain

God enables them!

Which of God’s bounties can you both then deny?

All that exist on this earth are impermanent

What truly endures is the presence of God – Glorious, Honorable!

Which of God’s bounties can you both then deny?

All that are in heavens and on earth entreats God

While God attends to affairs14 every moment!

Which of God’s bounties can you both then deny?

Verses 31 – 45

We shall soon transform you, two groups heavily endowed

Which of God’s bounties can you both then deny?

Jinn and humankind, if you wish to find passageways through heavens and earth

Do so; but cannot without authority from God

Which of God’s bounties can you both then deny?

A flash of fire and molten metal will be sent against you

And you will not prevail

Which of God’s bounties can you both then deny?

When the sky will crumble and turn crimson red

Which of God’s bounties can you both then deny?

On that Day neither humankind nor jinn needs to be asked about their guilts

Which of God’s bounties can you both then deny

The guilty will already be known by their conducts

And seized by their necks and their feet15

Which of God’s bounties can you both then deny?

To face Hell which the guilty are in denials

They will go between and around fire and scalding water!

Which of God’s bounties can you both then deny?

Verses 46 – 61

Those who stand in awe of God

Will be rewarded with two gardens!

Which of God’s bounties can you both then deny?

Filled with lush vegetation!

Which of God’s bounties can you both then deny?

In them flow freely two fountains

Which of God’s bounties can you both then deny?

Provisions in pairs of all kinds

Which of God’s bounties can you both then deny?

They will recline in their couches furnished with silk brocade

The fruits of the garden within easy reach!

Which of God’s bounties can you both then deny?

In the company of attractive mates

Untouched by humankind or jinn before

Which of God’s bounties can you both then deny?

As if rubies and pearls

Which of God’s bounties can you both then deny?

Should not the reward for goodness be goodness?

Which of God’s bounties can you both then deny?

Verses 62 – 78

Besides these there are two other gardens

Which of God’s bounties can you both then deny?

With hues of deepest green

Which of God’s bounties can you both then deny?

A pair of fountains gushing forth

Which of God’s bounties can you both then deny?

Filled with fruits, palms and pomegranates

Which of God’s bounties can you both then deny?

Residents with goodness and beauty

Which of God’s bounties can you both then deny?

With mates pure waiting in pavilions

Which of God’s bounties can you both then deny?

Untouched by humankind or jinn before

Which of God’s bounties can you both then deny?

At ease on green cushions, amid beauty and wonders!

Which of God’s bounties can you both then deny?

Blessed is the Essence of your God – Majestic and Dignified!

Chapter 56: The Event (Surah Al-Waqiah)

In the name of God, the God of Mercy, the Endower of Mercy!

Verses 1 - 26

When the event comes to pass

There is no denying of this event

Abasing (some) and exalting (others)

The earth will be shaken to its core

The mountains will crumble

Scattered as dust (v1-6)

Humankind will be sorted in three groups

Those on the right side

How (magnificent) are those on the right side!

Those on the left hand

How (retched) are those on the left side!

Those ahead of all – they are the most advanced! (v7-10)

They are drawn closer to God

Residing in the blessed Garden

Majority coming from the earlier generations

A few from the later generations

Reclining in couches well woven

Facing one another

Served by eternal youth

In glasses, flagons, and cups of pure drinks

That causes neither headache nor intoxicate

Any fruits to choose from

Fresh flesh of any birds

Beautiful companions – like hidden pearls

They experience no vanity or sinful discourse

But greetings of “Peace”, and peaceful dwelling!

Verses 27 - 40

Those on the right side – what about them?

Dwelling among thornless lot trees

Clustered banana leaves

Providing shades all around

Fountains gushing forth

Fruits abundant

Neither restricted nor forbidden

Created into a new creation

Chaste, loving and matching of age

For those on the right side

A multitude from the past generations

A multitude from the latter generations

Verses 41 - 56

Now those on the left side – what about them?

Hot air and scalding water

Fumes of black smoke

Neither cool nor refreshing

In their past life

They indulged in luxury

Persisted on evil pursuits

Said, “When we die

Become dust and bones

Shall we be raised to life?

How about our forefathers?”

Reply, “You will be gathered together –

At a time already appointed

On a day already assigned.”

Then shall those who strayed and denied

Will eat from the tree of Zuqqum

Filling their bellies

Drink scalding water

Drinking like a thirty camel

This will be their welcome and entertainment

On the day of reckoning!

Verses 57 - 74

We (God) created you

Why don’t you accept?

See what you emit (to form ovum)?

Did you create them?

Or, are We the Creator?

We prescribed death for you all

Nothing can prevent Us

If We were to change your current state

To a new growth that you have no knowledge of!

You witness you first growth (birth)

Then why not mind (the next)! (v57-62)

Reflect on the seed

Do you grow it?

Or, We cause it’s growth?

If We please

We can make it chaff

Then you will lament – “we are debt ridden, deprived!”

Look at your water

Do you bring it down from clouds?

Or, is it We who bring it down!

If We please

We can make it salty

How can you not be thankful?

Feel the fire you kindle

Is it you that produce the wood?

Or, are We the Producer?

It is reminder from Us and a benefit

Those who travel in the desert!

Therefore, glorify the essence of God, the Great!

Verses 75 - 96

I swear by the varying positions of the stars!

It is an oath significant enough, if you knew!

This Qur’an is magnificent!

A Book well protected!

Not touched expect by those who are pure and clean!

Revelations coming the God of the Universe!

Is this the announcement that you scorn at?

And make your denial a source of your livelihood?

Why not then

When it (death) comes up to your throat

You know it is time

We are nearer to you than you are to yourself

But you can’t see!

Why not send back death?

If you are not under our command

If you speak the truth!

Let us summarize (for you)

If you are the one who is drawn to God and nearer

For you is happiness, abundance, and the blessed Garden!

If you are the one on the right side

For you is Peace!

From others who are on the right side

If you are one of the deniers, doing evils

You will have the taste of scalding water and a burning abyss!

This is the truth, noting but the truth

Therefore, glorify the essence of God, the Great!

Chapter 57: Iron (Surah Al-Hadid)

(29 verses; revealed during 8th years of Hijra)

In the Name of Allah, the God of Mercy, the Endower of Mercy!

Verses 1 - 10

All that is in the heavens and the earth praises Allah – the Grand Decider! God’s dominion extends all over the heavens and the earth – giving life and causing death, Possessor of Power over all things! God is the First and God is the Last, the Manifest and the Hidden, Knower of all things! It is God Who created the heavens and the earth in six stages and then assumed control of the Throne of Power! God knows what goes into the earth and what comes out of it, and which comes down from heavens and which goes up to heavens! God is with you wherever you are, and all affairs return to Allah! God causes the night to transit into the day and the day into the night; God knows the affairs of the hearts! (v1-6)

Believe in Allah and His Messenger and share in what you have made to inherit16. Whoever believe and share will have a grand reward! (v7)

What reasons do you have that you do not believe in Allah while the Messenger invites you to believe in your Sustainer God! God has indeed accepted your covenant, if you did it sincerely!17 It is God Who sends clear messages to His servant prophet so that he may bring you out of darkness into the light. Allah is Ever Kind, Merciful! What reasons do you have not to share in the service of Allah that He 

allowed you to inherit from the heavens and the earth? Those of you who shared before this Victory18 and fought with your person are on a different level – their rank is greater than those who share and fight afterwards. But Allah has promised good for all, regardless – Allah is fully Aware of what you do! (v8-10)

Verses 11 - 19

Who is that will offer Allah a good loan and Allah will double it? They will have generous rewards! On that Day you will see believing men and believing women with their lights beaming before them on their right hand. There is good news for you on this day – Garden with flowing springs, to live therein! That is a grand achievement! (v11-12)

While on that (same) day, the hypocritical men and hypocritical women will say to the believers, “Will you wait for us? Let us borrow from your light. But they will be told, “Turn back and see a light,” and a wall with a door in it will be raised separating them – within the wall there will be mercy and outside of it chastisement! The hypocrites will cry out, “Were we not with you?” The believers will say, “Yes, but you fell victim to you own temptations – you waited, showed doubt and your frivolous desires overtook you until the threatened chastisement of Allah came and the Arch-Deceiver (Shaitan) deceived you about Allah!” Therefore, on this day no ransom will be taken from you or from the disbelievers – Fire is your residence and your patron, an evil resort indeed! (v13-15)

Isn’t time that the hearts of the believers should humble themselves at the remembrance of Allah and the truth that has been revealed? They should not behave like those who were given books before. Time seemed stretched for them and their hearts became heedless and most of them became transgressors. (v16)

Recognize that Allah gives life to the earth after its demise. God had indeed made the signs clear so that you may understand. The charitable men and the charitable women who set aside a goodly portion of charity for Allah – it will be doubled for them and a generous reward! Those who believe in Allah and His Messenger are the truthful ones to bear witness with Allah. They will have their rewards and their lights, whereas those who denied and rejected Our messages will reside in the abyss! (v17-19)

Verses 20 - 29

Know that the life of this world is nothing but a game, a diversion, a temptation, full of boasting among yourselves and a competition to multiply in wealth and lineage. It is like the vegetation that sprout forth from rain delighting the farmers, but then wither away, turning yellow and into dry stubbles. In the Hereafter there will be chastisement, but also forgiveness and approval from Allah. The life of this world is nothing but an illusion, a pleasure! (v20)

Therefore, compete for the forgiveness from your Sustainer God and a Garden whose expansiveness is as vast of the sky and the earth combined, prepared for those who believe in Allah and His messengers! This is a grace from Allah, bestowing to whom He pleases! Allah’s bounty is infinite! (v21)

No misfortune touches the earth or you except that it is already prescribed in a book before its execution – this is indeed easy for Allah! Therefore, do not grieve at what you lost or show pride in what you have gained – Allah does not love any arrogant boaster, who not only acts niggardly but also encourage others to behave that way. If you turn back, know that Allah is Self-sufficient, Praiseworthy! (v22-24)

We have indeed sent messengers with clear reasoning and send with them the Book and the Balance so that people can conduct themselves with justice and equity! We also deposited iron that has strength and benefit for people so that Allah may know who serves God and His messengers, though unseen. Allah is Strong, Mighty! (v25)

Certainly, We (God) sent Noah and Abraham and bestowed prophethood and books to their offspring; some of them are guided right, but most are transgressors! We made other messengers to follow their footsteps and then came Jesus, son of Mary whom We gifted the Bible! We put compassion and mercy into the hearts of those who followed him but as for monasticism, that was their own invention not prescribed by Us; still they could have served God’s pleasure but they did not conduct in a manner that would have been a true observance. We rewarded those who believed but most of them were corrupt and mischief-maker! (v26-27)

O Believers! Be mindful of Allah and believe in your Messenger! God will give two portions of His Mercy, a light with which to regulate your life and forgiveness for you. Allah is Forgiving, Merciful! This is how the People of the Book will come to know that they control none of Allah’s grace – it is in the hands of Allah alone and He gives it to whomever He pleases. Allah’s grace is truly immense! (v 28-29)

***Excerpt from on-going translation of the Qur’an – Removing the Middleman Series, by Rashed Hasan. Copyright by Author***

July 2024

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