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Chapter 1: Translation

(7 verses in total; revealed in Makkah, known to have been revealed as the 5th revelation)

Even though this Surah is not the first in chronological order, the placement of this Surah at the beginning of the Qur’an serves as the introduction of the Qur’an, an introduction that truly summarizes what to expect in the Qur’an and what faith and goodness are all about.  This chapter is recited in each of the daily prayers and a person who starts regular daily prayer, say at the age of 15 (10th grade) and lives to the age of 80 will recite this chapter alone 664,300 times in his or her lifetime.  This surah has three major themes – (1) Allah is the Sovereign of the Universe and the Enabler of Resurrection, (2) yearning of our souls to worship Allah and to seek Allah’s help, and (3) to seek guidance from Allah, guidance that leads to the Straight Path which is blessed, not tainted by any anger or deviation.


In the name of Allah, the God of Mercy and the Endower of Mercy[1]

All praises are for Allah[2]

The Sustainer[3] of the Universe!

God of Mercy and Endower of Mercy

            Master of the Day of Judgment!

(O God) It is You alone that we worship

            It is You alone that we ask for help!

(Therefore) Guide us to the Straight Path

            The Path of those whom You have blessed

                        Who suffer no anger

                                    Nor do they stray![4]

[1] This statement is at the beginning of each surah and a person of faith is required to utter this phrase to invoke God’s name and seek God’s grace before any act of any significance, even before taking a drink of water

[2] See note 2

[3] See note 3

[4] While blessings come from God and it is His prerogative, it is our free choices to exercise emotional intelligence and commit to seeking and staying on the true path (Siratal Mustaqim) – the path of Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Mohamma