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Monthly Qur'an Readings

Session 12

Chapter 11: Surah Hud - Continued…

Verses 7-11

It is ALLAH Who created the universe and the earth in six stages (aiyyam). The Throne of His Magnificent presence (a’rshu) rests on water that He might reveal which of you are best in conduct. When you assert: “You will be resurrected after death”, those who are in denial say: “This is delusional.” If We (God) were to delay the consequences (of their persistent denials) for a stated period, they will certainly mock: “What is the cause of such delay?” But when the actual day (of reckoning) will fall on them, they will be unable to avert and which they used to mock at will overtake them.

When We (God) allow people to taste Our Mercy and then withdraw it (as a trial), they lose hope and become ungrateful, whereas if We allow them to taste Our grace after an affliction, they say: “Now we cannot be touched by afflictions anymore” as they become full of vanities and pride. Exception being those who exercise patience and persist in doing good. For them there is forgiveness and a grand compensation!

Verses 12-16

Perhaps you may be inclined to forego a part of the revelations, or your heart feels distressed due to what the deniers say: “Why you have not been given treasure from God or why has not an angel come down with you?” (They fail to understand that) you are only a messenger, and it is God Who oversees all affairs. Likewise, they say: “He (Prophet) himself had manufactured this.” Tell them: “If you are speaking the truth, then bring ten forged chapters similar to what is in this (Qur’an) and seek help from anyone other than God.” If they fail to respond, then you should know that this has been revealed by God’s knowledge alone and that there is no deity worthy of worship but God. Will you then submit to God (be a muslim)?

Those who strives for this world’s life and its possessions and vanities, We (God) give them their dues without suffering any losses (for their pursuits) but in the hereafter they will have nothing left but suffering and deprivation (Fire), because all of their works in their lives will bear no fruits and all their possession and activities will amount to pure vanities.

Verses 17-24

How about he (Prophet) who has with him the active guidance from his Sustainer and a witness from ALLAH (angel Gabriel) who narrates this guidance similar to the previous Book of Moses, a guide and a source of mercy? They all believe as such. Anyone from any group who denies such guidance, evil (fire) is their promised outcome. So, let there be no doubt in it. It is the truth from you Sustainer, but most people are in denial.

Who is more pervert than the one who invents a lie against God? When they will be made to come before their Sustainer God, there will be witnesses who will say: “These are the ones who lied regarding their Sustainer God.” Now God’s displeasure is with these who do such wrong, who prevent people from seeking the pathway to God and attempts to distort such guidance. They are the disbelievers in the life after death.

They will neither escape (God and consequence of their conducts) during their earthly life, nor will they find a guardian or protector besides God (in the life to come). Their evil consequences will doubly affect them since they were averse to listening and failed to see. They have lost their souls, and all their lies and conjectures have disappeared from them. They will suffer true loss in the Hereafter.

(On the other hand) those who attain faith, do good and show humility to God (and to fellow beings) are the real owners of paradise where they will reside. The analogy between their two groups is that one group is blind and deaf whereas the other group sees and hears well. Can they be equal? How come you are not mindful?

Verses 25-35

We (God) sent Noah to his community, (he said): “I am simply a warner (and conveyor) that none be worshiped except ALLAH, and I am concerned about your suffering (if you deny God) on the Day of grave consequence.” But the leaders of his community, who were in denial, said:” We consider you none but a mortal like us, and those who follow you, we see them as the least significant among us. Also, we do not find any reason to consider you superior to us, rather we think you are a liar.”

He (Noah) replied: “O my people, how can you not see that I have been inspired by my Sustainer and God has blessed me with His grace to which you wish to remain unmindful. We cannot force you to accept something that you continue to show disdain for. O my people, I am not seeking any profit from you, rather, my compensation is from God alone. People who have believed with me will not be driven away from me, not by me while they look forward to meeting their Sustainer God. But I do find you steeped in ignorance and totally unmindful.”

(He continued): “O my people, who will prove my innocence to God if I drive them away. Do you not think rationally? I also do not claim to have treasure from God, nor do I know what remains unseen, nor do I say that I am an angel. I also cannot claim that those, whom you consider to be insignificant in your estimation, will not be favored by God. Only God knows what is in their minds and souls and I wish not to be the one to misjudge.”

The leaders replied: “O Noah, you are in dispute with us and have prolonged this disagreement; we would rather that you bring out the consequence that you speak of against us, if you speak the truth.” He (Noah) replied: “It is only God Who decides such matters and when it does come about, you cannot escape. My advice will not profit you even as I continue to give good guidance if God deems otherwise. God is your Sustainer and you will be made to come back to God.”

Do they still say:” He (Prophet) has invented this (Qur’an)?” Say to them: “If I did so, then I will account for this myself and I am free from all of your denials and evils.”

Verse 36-41

It was revealed to Noah: “None of your community, except those who already attained faith, will accept faith. Therefore, do not feel distressed but go ahead and start the construction of the Ark under Our (God’s) protection and supervision and do not make any petition on behalf of those who wronged themselves. They will all drown.”

He (Noah and his followers) began the construction of the Ark. Whenever the leaders of his community would pass by, they would make fun of him. He said to them: “If you laugh at us, then we too laugh at you, in return for your unwelcome conducts. Soon you will come to know (and see)- the consequence which will bring disgrace (in this life) and will have similar but permanent consequence (in the life to come).

Finally, ALLAH’s command was executed, and water gushed forth from the valley (from all directions). We (God) instructed: “Take on board all (your possessions), pairs (of domesticated animals), your family members, expect those who have already proven to be unworthy and all those who believed (with you).” But there were only few who believed with him. Noah said to all: “Come on board. We entrust its sailing and its anchoring to the will of God. Indeed, my Sustainer God is full of Forgiveness and Mercy!”

Verse 42-49

It (Ark) floated with them amid waves that were like mountains. Noah called out to his son who was not with him on the Ark: “O my son, come aboard and be not in the company of those who are in denial.” He replied: “I will climb on top of the mountain and thus be saved from the water.” He (Noah) replied: “None is safe today from ALLAH’s plan except those who are enveloped in His Mercy.” Suddenly a wave intervened between them, and he (son) was lost among those who drowned.

It was announced (command of God): “O Earth, swallow back your waters and O Sky, cease (your downpour).” The water receded, the affair was settled, and the Ark came to rest on Mt. Judi and it was declared: “Do away with those who are guilty and unjust.”

Noah lamented to God: “O my Sustainer, my son is of my family. Your promise (to save my family) is true, and You are the Best among those who judge.” God replied: “He (your son) is not of your family. His conducts and activities are anything but good. Therefore, do not ask of Me regarding matters that you are unaware of, and I caution you that you do not behave in manners like those who are misguided.”

He (Noah) implored: “I seek Your protection from asking of You to intervene in matters that I am not fully aware. Unless You forgive me and shower your grace on me, I will become of those who are lost.” It was said, “O Noah, dis-embark in peace from Us (God) and with blessing on you and on communities (future generations) that will evolve from those who are with you.” (Know) that We (God) provide for nations to prosper and (for some) We bring out consequences that is called for.

These are narratives (stories and lessons) of the past and unknown that We (God) make known to you – neither you nor your people knew these people before this (revelation). Therefore, be patient and know that the future belongs to those who are responsible and mindful (muttaquin).

Verse 50-60

And to (the community of) A’d was Hud, a member of their community, who said: “O my people, worship and serve ALLAH alone; you have no deity save Him. You are but fabricators (in conjuring deities)! O, my people, I seek no gains from you. My reward is from God alone Who created me. Do you not then comprehend? O my people, ask forgiveness from your Sustainer God and then align with Him. He will shower His blessings in abundance and increase your strength; therefore, do not turn away as people practicing evil.”

They (his community) said: “O Hud, you have brought us no arguments to convince us, and we are not going to abandon our gods for the sake of what you say. We do not believe you. We have nothing more to say than that our gods have touched you with evils”. He (Hud) replied: “I call upon God to witness (what you say) and you too are witness to the fact that I am innocent of what you associate (as divine) with God, and besides God. Therefore, make your plan against me and give to no leeway. I put my trust and reliance on God, my Sustainer and your Sustainer. There is no living creature that is not in God’s control and my Sustainer leads to the right way. But if you ignore me, then be aware that I have delivered to you what I have been sent for and my Sustainer will replace you with another community. You can do God no harm. God protects and preserves all things!

When it was time to execute Our (God’s) command, We spared Hud and those who believed with him through Our Mercy and We delivered them from severe consequences (that came to his community). Such was the condition of ‘Ad. They denied the message from their Sustainer God and refused to follow God’s messengers; instead they did the bidding of those who were tyrants and defiant. So, they were overwhelmed with the negative consequence (curse) in this world and (a similar fate awaits them) on the Day of Resurrection. The tribe of ‘Ad certainly denied the truth about God (and goodness) and they were done with (as a result), ‘Ad, the community of Hud.

Verse 61-68

(God sent) Salih, a member of their community to the tribe of Thamud. He said:” O my people, worship and serve ALLAH, besides Whom you have no other deities. God brought you forth from this earth and enables you to live on it (and from it). Therefore, ask for God’s forgiveness (for your evils) and align with God. My Sustainer God is ever ready to respond.” They (his community) replied: “Salih, you were the center of our hope (to be a leader among us) before your announcements. Are you telling us that we should not worship whom our forefathers had worshipped before? We are in great doubt about matters that you expound to us.”

He (Salih) replied: “Do you not see that I have been given guidance and evidence from my Sustainer and God has graced me with His blessings. How can I then turn away and misalign with God? Who will help me then? (if I were to listen to you then) you will add nothing but to my failure! O my people, God gives you this she-camel to test you; let her roam and feed on God’s earth and let not any evil touch her from you; otherwise, you should be prepared for a speedy accountability (from God).”

But they (eventually) hamstrung the camel. So, he announced to them: “Only for three more days you will enjoy living; this is a judgment that will not be proven untrue.” When Our (God’) commandment came to be executed, We saved, by Our grace, Salih and the believers with him from the disgrace of that day (event). Indeed your Sustainer God is Powerful and Magestic! A (deafening) cry overtook those who did evils so that they were reduced to lifeless bodies in their own houses, as if they had never lived there. They indeed disbelieved and faced the inevitable (Ah, away with Thamud!)

Verse 69-75

Our (God’s) messengers certainly came to Abraham with good news and greeted him – Peace (salam) to which Abraham responded likewise – Peace! He made no delay in getting a roasted calf for them, but when he saw that they were not reaching for the food, he did not know what to make of them and became fearful. They responded: “Fear not. We are on our way to the community of Lot.” His wife (Sarah) was standing nearby and she wondered (at the purpose of their coming here). So, We (God) gave her the news of Isaac and, after Isaac, (his son) Jacob.

She said: “Oh my! Is it possible that I can bear a son when I am an old lady and this husband of mine is also an old man?” They (angels) responded: “Are you wondering at God’s will and command while Mercy of God and His blessings are on you and your household. God is Ever Praiseworthy, Majestic!”

Once Abraham recovered from his (initial) fear and was assured with the good news, he earnestly started to plead with Us (God) for the case of the people of Lot, as Abraham is always full of clemency, soft hearted and constantly turning to God.

Verses 76-83

(The messengers – angels) said: O Abraham, please stop pleading (for their case). This is a decision from your Sustainer God that has already been made that the punishment due to their evil will come and it cannot be avoided. Our (God’s) messengers then travelled to Lot who became very concerned (about their safety) as he was not in a position to protect them. So, he lamented: “This will be a dreadful day!”

His people came towards him driven by (desire for evil) and they were used to doing evils in the society. He (Lot) tried to contain them: “O my people, here are my daughters – they are more appropriate for you; You should protect yourself regarding God and do not dishonor me with respect to my visitors. Is there not anyone among you who acts properly and righteously?” They said: “You know that we have no claims for your daughters, and you know well what are here for.” He (Lot) grieved: “I wish I had the ability to repel you; rather, I will seek refuge to a stronger support (God).”

They (messengers) said: Lot, we are messengers from your Sustainer God and (rest assured), these people will not be able to do any harm to you (anymore). Depart with your people (family and followers) and travel during the night. Do not let anyone turn back but your wife will, since she will be subjected to the same consequence as the rest of your people. Morning is the designated time and isn’t morning already appearing?

As Our (God’s) decision was executed, We turned the city upside down and send torrents of stones over them, as decreed, one event after another. Designated as a marker by your Sustainer God and it is not too far from those who do evils.

Verses 84-88

To the tribe of Midian, We sent Shuaib, a member of their community. He said: “O my people, worship and serve ALLAH, besides Whom there is no other gods (worthy of worship). Be just and equitable in your dealings and transactions with people. I see that you are in prosperity now (making you proud and unmindful) but I fear for you the consequence of your indulgence eventually when you will be faced with its over-encompassing chastisement!”

“O my people, give is what due to people, measure and weigh with equity, do not deprive people what is rightfully theirs, and do not spread corruption in the land to make mischief and injustice. What God gives you and keeps for you is better for you if you are a believer (than what you accumulate through corruption and haste). And, I am not a keeper over you.”

They said: “Shuaib, does your worship (of God) and your righteousness forces you to tell us that we should renege our practices of worship that our forefathers worshipped or that we should not do whatever we please with our wealth, possession, and power. Are you the only one full of forbearance and right guidance?”

He replied: “O my people, do you not comprehend that I have clear guidance from my Sustainer God, and He has given me adequate provisions. What I am forbidding is not to merely oppose your way of life but is an attempt from me to reform you and your society, to the best of my ability. It is with God that I rest the outcome of my effort. In God I trust and to God I turn (for support and guidance).

Verse 89-95

(Shuaib continued his conversation): “O my people, do not make your opposition to me push you to do evils and thereby face the same consequences that visited the people of Noah, the people of Hud and the people of Salih. The people of Lot were not too far from where you are. Ask for forgiveness from your Sustainer God and turn to Him in repentance. My Sustainer God is full of Mercy and Love!”

(Leaders of his) community responded: “Shuaib, we do not understand (or care to understand) much of what you say. We find you weaker among ourselves. It is only because of tribal relationship that we have not stoned you (to death) yet and you have very little power against us.” He (Shuaib) replied: “O my people, how do you hold my clan more in awe than God? And regarding God, you cast God aside and become utterly unmindful, whereas God takes accounts of all that you do. O my people, do whatever you can (against me), according to your ability and I too am exerting myself (to the best of my ability). You will come to know, soon enough, who faces the evil consequences of his conducts that will disgrace him and will prove him to be a liar. You wait and watch, and I do the same with you.”

As the time to carry out God’s decision came, We saved Shuaib and his followers with mercy from Us while a loud bang overtook those who did evils such that they were lifeless bodies in their own homes, as if they have never lived in them. The people of Midian perished, and so did the people of Thamud!

Verses 96-105

We (God) sent Moses with Our guidance and authority, fully manifest, to Pharaoh and his advisers but they all chose to follow Pharaoh’s rule and command and his rule was not based on good guidance. Pharaoh will lead his people on the Day of Resurrection and finally to its evil consequence (fire) and it will be an evil destination to which they will find themselves. They were rejected by God in this (life) and a similar fate on the Day of Resurrection; it is an evil gift they have earned.

These are the stories and lesson learned from towns that We (God) narrate to you – some of them are still standing (and visible to you) while others have disappeared. We (God) did no injustice to them but they themselves were unjust. The gods they sought and worshipped besides God were of no help when God’s command overtook them. Their false belief added nothing (to their lives) but failure and ruins. Such is the accountability with your Sustainer God when He calls people to account who acted corruptly and unjustly. God’s call to account is consequential and firm.

There are lessons in these narratives for those who comprehend the seriousness of the afterlife; it will be a day (event) when people will be brought together; an event to witness! We (God) do not delay but let it reach its term already prescribed. When the event unfolds, no soul can speak expect with God’s permission; some will be joyous while others will be in despair.

Verses 106-109

As for those who are in despair (for their lack of belief and denial of Afterlife) will find themselves deep in what they were warned of – the Fire, moaning and groaning - unable to escape as long as the heavens and the earth will endure, unless your Sustainer God wills otherwise. Indeed, your Sustainer God is free to do what He intends. As for those who are happy will find themselves in Paradise, residing in it, as long as the heavens and the earth will endure, unless your Sustainer God wills otherwise; a gift, never to be exhausted.

Therefore, do not remain in doubt about what they worship – they worship what their forefathers worshipped. We (God) will compensate them to its fullest measure, undiminished.

Verses 110-115

We (God) gave Moses the book of revelation (the Torah), but they were in disagreement regarding its guidance. It is only because your Sustainer God had already provided a framework to deal with such affairs, that their disagreement has not been dealt with (right away). They are in deep divide and doubt about the guidance (before and now). Your Sustainer God will certainly compensate them for their beliefs and conducts. ALLAH is fully aware of what they do.

You (Prophet) should continue to follow the guidance that your Sustainer God had asked you to follow and those who are with you and who have aligned themselves with God, should do the same. God sees all that you do. Do not associate with those who do wrong and act unjustly, lest their evil consequences touch you as well. You have no protectors other than God and (if you incline to evil) you cannot be helped.

Be mindful of your worship of God at the two ends of the day (Fajr and Maghrib prayers) and the first hour of the night (Isha prayer). Good deeds always remove the effect of evil deeds. This is something you need to pay attention to if you wish to be mindful. Also, be patient in that God does not fail to reward those who are good people.

Verse 116-123

Why is it that in the generations before you, there were not people who developed good understanding (of the realities of life) and actively acted against evils and corruption on the earth, except a few whom We (God) delivered (in the end)? Those who pursued evils were more invested in the pleasure of this life and (in that process) proved their guilt. But your Sustainer God would never destroy a town (or its people) unjustly while they pursued goodness (even without faith).

If your Sustainer God had willed, He would have converged all people to a single, like-minded community but people never ceased to differ among themselves, except those (who sought and) received God’s grace. This is the merit for creating them (in the first place) and ALLAH’s word will come to fruition: “I will make them face the consequence (fill hell), any and all from among jinns and human beings, (for failing to unite and do good).”

We (God) bring these narratives of the (previous) messengers (and communities) to you to strengthen your hearts. In this (narrative and guidance) there is truth, words of caution and a reminder for you and the believers. Say to those who deny faith: “Act according to your ability and plan, and we will do the same. You should wait and we wait with you as well.”

All that is unseen (and unknown) in the universe and on this earth are in the purview of God alone and all matters return to God for their eventual resolution. So, you should worship and serve God alone and put your trust in God alone; your Sustainer is never indifferent or unaware of your actions and conducts.

Chapter 12: Surah Yusuf (Joseph)

Verse 1-14

In the name of ALLAH, the God of Mercy, the Endower of Mercy!

Alif Lam Ra! These are verses of the Book which makes thing clear and transparent. We (God) have indeed sent this Qur’an in Arabic language so that you may understand and comprehend. Through this revelation of the Qur’an, We bring to you the best of stories and narratives, while prior to this you were unaware and unmindful.

(Recall) when Joseph said to his father: “O my father, I saw eleven stars, the sun and the moon – I saw all bowing down before me.” His father said:” O my son, do not tell your brothers you vision (dream), perchance they conceive a plan against you; the Devil (evil people) is an active enemy to any (good) man.” This is how your Sustainer God will select you, teach you capabilities to interpret visions (and events) and fulfil His blessings on you and to the household of Jacob, in the same way that He completed such blessings to your forefathers, Abraham and Isaac. Your Sustainer God is Knowing and Wise! Certainly in Joseph and his brothers there are lessons to be learned for those wish to inquire.

They (other brothers) said (among themselves): “Joseph and his brother are loved more by our father than us, though we are a (better) company. We perceive our father to be making error in judgement. Let’s kill Joseph or banish him to some (faraway) places so that our father’s attention will be exclusively for us and then we can become good people.” One of the brothers said:” Let’s not kill him. If you wish to execute your plan, then let’s put him down to the bottom of a well; perhaps, some travelers will then pick him up.”

They (then went to their father and) said: O our father, how come you do not trust us with regards to Joseph, whereas we (always) wish him well. Let him come with us tomorrow so that he can play and enjoy. We will protect him (from any harm).” He (Jacob) replied: “I am worried that he will go with you and a wolf will attack him while you become careless about him.” They said: “If a wolf were to attack him in our midst, then we are a company that is worth nothing.”

Verse 15-29

So they took him with them and agreed (among themselves) to put him into the bottom of a well. We (God) then informed (and comforted) him (Joseph): You will inform them (someday) about this matter, though they do not perceive this (at this time). They returned to their father by nightfall, and they were shedding (make believe) tears. They said: “O our father, we were racing among ourselves while we left Joseph with our goods. A wolf came and devoured him. We realize that you will not believe us, even though we speak the truth.” They also produced his (Joseph’s) shirt with false blood. He (Jacob) replied: “No, your mind is making a matter trivial (while is it serious). Patience is the best course and God’s help is what I seek against what you have just conveyed.”

There came by a group of travelers (where Joseph was left) and they send one of them to draw water who let down his bucket (into the well). He exclaimed: “O good news, here is a boy!”. They hid him as a merchandise while God knew exactly what they did. They sold him for a small price, few coins as they did not value him much. The man from Egypt (who bought him) brought him home and said to his wife: “Make good accommodation for him. Perhaps he will bring us some benefits, or we take him as a son.” This is how We (God) established Joseph in the land (of Egypt) and poised to teach him how to interpret dreams (of vision and events). God is in full control over all affairs but most of mankind is unaware. (Genesis Chapter 39)

As he (Joseph) matured, We (God) imparted him knowledge and wisdom; this is how We compensate virtuous and good people.

The lady in whose house he was wanted to seduce him. She locked the doors and said to him: “Come (to me).” He said: “I seek refuge in God Who had given me a good accommodation (here). No wrongdoer can ever prosper.” She was definitely inclined to him, and he would have inclined to her as well had he not been exposed to evidence from his Sustainer God. Thus it was that We (God) may turn him away from evil and indecency; he was one of Our chosen creation (servants). As he raced for the door and she ran after him, she tore his shirt from behind and they met the husband at the door. She spoke (first): “what is the recompense for someone who intends to do evil to your wife, except imprisonment or serious punishment?” He (Joseph) then replied: “She is the one who sought to seduce me.” A member of the household corroborated his statement and said: “If his shirt is torn from the front, then she speaks the truth and he is a liar. But if his shirt is torn from behind, then she is a liar and he speaks the truth.” When he (husband) saw his shirt torn from behind, he said to his wife: “This is a scheme of yours; your scheme is well planned. O Joseph, move beyond this matter. (O my wife) ask for forgiveness for your sinful conduct, since you are in grave error.”

Verse 30-40

The women in the city said (to one another): “The Chief’s wife sought to seduce their slave boy. She is deeply affected by him. We consider her to openly be in error. When she (lady of the house) heard these rumors, she invited the ladies, prepared a feast for them and gave each a knife before she said to Joseph: “Come out to them.” When they saw him, they were in awe of him and managed to cut their hands and said: “O my God, this is not an ordinary man but a noble angel.” She then said (to the ladies): “This is the boy about whom you blame me. I sought to seduce him, but he remained unblemished. If he does not do my bidding, he will be put in prison and he will be humiliated.” Joseph prayed: “O my Sustainer God, prison is better than what they call me to. If You do not foil their plan towards me, I may incline towards them and act like ignorant people.” His Sustainer God accepted his prayer and protected him from their devices and schemes. He (God) is the Hearing, and the Knowing! (See 40:60). They deemed appropriate, after they have evaluated the situation, to imprison him for the time being.

Two youths entered the prison with him. One of them said: “I saw myself pressing wine (in dream)”, and the other say: “I saw myself carrying bread on my head and birds were eating from it.” “Interpret for us the meaning, since we find you a man of virtue (and goodness)”. He (Joseph) said: “I shall inform you of the interpretation before the food that you feed on comes to you. This is due to what my Sustainer God had taught me, as I had forsaken the ways of the people who do not believe in ALLAH and deny the Hereafter. I follow the ways of my fathers – Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. It is not appropriate for us to associate any partners with God. This (understanding) is a grace from God to us and to mankind, but most people are ungrateful. O my fellow prisoners, do you think multitude of gods are better or the One God Who is Supreme? You serve none besides God but names that you had invented – you and your forefathers, whereas God had sent down no such confirmations for these (names). Judgment belongs to God and He commands you not to serve anyone other than God alone. This is the proper way but most people do not know.” (Genesis Chapter 40)

Verse 41-52

“O my fellow prisoners, as for one of you, you will serve wine to your master and as for the other, you will be crucified and the birds will eat from your head. This matter that you inquired about has been already decided. He (Joseph) then said to the one who will live: “Tell about me to your master.” But the Devil caused him to forget to mention to his master. So, he ended up staying few more years in prison.

The King said (to his counsel): “I have seen seven fat cows which were eaten up by seven lean cows; and seven green heads of grain and (seven) dry ones. O my Chiefs, give me your understanding of this dream, if you know how to interpret visions.” They said: “Confused dreams; we do not know how to interpret such dreams.” Now of the two, the one who lived finally remembered and said (to the king): “I will inform you of its meaning, if you will send me (to Joseph)”.

“O Joseph, the truthful, explain to us seven fat cows which seven lean cows devoured and seven green heads of grain along with dry ones so that I can go back and let people know.” He (Joseph) said: “You will sow for seven years diligently and whatever you harvest, leave in storage except what you need to consume as little as possible. After this will come seven years of draught that will eat away most of what was in storage, except a little that should be preserved. After that will come a year when people have rain and they will rejoice in abundance.”

The King said: “Bring him (Joseph) to me.” When the messenger came to him, he said: “Go back to your master and inquire to him about the affairs of the ladies who cut their fingers. Surely my master knows well their schemes.” The king asked: “what was your intent when you wanted to seduce Joseph?” They replied: “By God, we knew of no evil in him.” The wife of his master said: ”Now that the truth has come out, I have tried to seduce him and he speaks the truth.” (Joseph said): “I did this so that he (my master) knows that I was not unfaithful to him in his absence and that God does not allow the schemes of treacherous people (to be successful).”

***Excerpt from Volume 5: Spiritual Quest – Removing the Middleman Series, by Rashed Hasan. To be published in 2024. Copyright by Author***

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