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Monthly Qur'an Readings

Session 29

Chapter 67: The Kingdom (Surah Al-Mulk)

In the name of ALLAH, the God of Mercy, the Endower of Mercy!

Verses 1 - 11

Exalted is He (God) who holds the kingdom in His hand and His power extends over all things. He created life and death so that He might test you – who among you does best in conducts. He is the Mighty, the Forgiving - Who created the seven heavens one above the other. Do you see any incongruity in the creation of the Beneficent God? Look again – is there any flaw? Turn your eyes again and again; your sight will come back to you humbled and awed!

We have embellished the lower heaven with lights (stars, meteors) and made them sources of conjectures for the devils while We prepare for them the suffering from the blaze. Those who deny their Cherisher God, they will have the suffering of Hell, an evil resort! When they are lowered into it, they can hear it breathe and heave, as if bursting with rage.

Whenever a group is lowered into it, it’s keepers ask, “Did a warner ever come to you?” They will reply, “Yes, indeed a warner did come to us. But we denied and said, ‘ALLAH revealed nothing. You (the messenger) are in great delusion.’” Then they will say, “Had we but listened or reflected with reason, we would not have been among the residents of this fire.” This is how they will finally confess their sins. Be gone, the inhabitants of fire!

Verses 12 - 22

Those who are mindful of their Cherisher God in their private moments, for them is forgiveness and a great reward! He (God) knows what is in your hearts – whether you speak in words or keep it secret. How could God not know since He is the Creator – God is the Most Subtle, Ever Aware!

God has made the earth amenable to you; therefore, go about its open spaces, partake from His provisions and back to God is your resurrection.

Are you sure that God Who is in heaven may not make the earth swallow you with a violent convulsion? Or, do you feel secure that God may send a torrent of stones over you? Only then you will know how true My warnings were. Indeed, those before them also denied and (you know) how stern was My disapproval!

Do they not see how the birds above spread and contract their wings? It is the Beneficent God, no one else, who suspends them. God holds everything in His vision. Who can be your hosts to protect you against the Beneficent God? The disbelievers are truly delusional! Who can, if God were to withhold provisions, give you sustenance? Yet, they persist in insolence and denial! Who is more guided – one who falls face down or one who stays upright on the Straight Path?

Verses 23 - 30

Say, “It is God Who brought you into being, and gifted you with hearing, sight and hearts.” (Yet) you offer very little thanks. Say, “It is God Who multiplies you on the earth and to Him you all will be gathered.” (Instead) they ask (you, O Prophet), “When will this promise be made real, if you speak the truth?” Reply, “Such knowledge is with God alone; I am but a simple warner.”

But when they will see the promise coming, the face of the deniers will be full of grief and they will be told, “This is what you were questioning.”

Say, “Have you considered, regardless of whether God either destroys me and those with me or shows mercy, who will protect the deniers from their severe consequences? Say, “He is the Beneficent God – we believe in God and we rely on God – but you will come to know clearly who is at fault in the end.

Say, “Just consider this – if your water sources were to sink deep into the earth, who is there to make the water flow again?”

Chapter 68: Pen (Surah Al-Qalam)

In the name of ALLAH, the God of Mercy and Endower of Mercy!

Verses 1 - 16


The Pen

That which they write!

You are not, by the grace of your Sustainer, a mad person. Your reward, too, is never to be removed. Surely, you have a sublime character. You will see and so will they – who is really mad amongst you. Your Sustainer is the One Who knows best who deviates from His Way and He is fully aware of those who are rightly guided. Therefore, do not obey the deniers.

They wish that you be accommodating to them (in what they do) in exchange they too will presume to accommodate you. Never comply with such deceitful swearer – who defames and slanders, hinders what is good and are exceedingly sinful, contemptible, and mischievous. All of that because he has wealth and followers. When Our messages are presented to them, they say, “Tales of the ancient”. We shall brand them for what they are!

Verses 17 - 33

We shall subject them to trials, similar to those (proud) owners of the garden who were confident on collecting the fruits in the morning and refused to consider and set aside a share (for the laborer and the poor). While they slept, an agency of God paid a visit on it and it became charred black. They called on one another in the morning, “Let’s go early and collect our fruits of labor.” As they went, they spoke to one another in low voice, “No needy person will be allowed to come and partake today!” So they went early and were confident of their power and control.

Once they came upon the garden, they exclaimed, “Surely, we are mistaken; no, we are ruined.” The most conscientious of them said, “Did I not say to you, ‘why don’t you glorify (God)?’” They then acknowledged, “Glory be to our Sustainer! We are indeed in the wrong.” Then some of them approached others, laying blames. Finally, they said, “Shame on us, for being rebellious! May our Cherisher God give us something better. Indeed to our Sustainer, we now supplicate.”

Such is the consequence! The Hereafter will bring greater consequences – only if they knew! Those who act responsibly will have the garden of bliss.

Verses 34 - 43

Are We going to treat those who submit like those who are guilty?

What is the matter with you?

How do you judge?

Or, do you have a book that you read

That allows you to do whatever you choose?

Or, do you have a covenant from Us executed on oath

That extends to the day of resurrection

That judgment belongs to you as you please?

Ask them – who, among them, will vouch for this

Their gods?

Then bring such gods, if you speak the truth.

On the day of severe consequences

They will be called on to bow down

But they won’t be able to do so

Their eyes downcast

Overcome by humiliation

Yet, they were called upon to submit

While they were safe (and free to do so)

Verses 44 - 52

(O Prophet) leave Me (God) alone with them

Who reject this announcement

We (God) shall overtake them by small increments

That they will not perceive (how and from where)

I (God) bear with patience (so shall you, O Prophet)

(know that) My plan is firm (and will be executed)

Is that you ask for a reward?

That puts a burden on them

Or, is it that they have access to the Unseen

And can transcribe (such knowledge)?

(Therefore) bear patiently

God’s judgment will come

Don’t behave like the one (Jonah)

As he cried out in distress

Had a favor from his Sustainer God did not reach him

He would have been cast aside, on a barren shore, full of blame

But his Sustainer cherished him

And established him among the righteous!

These deniers would almost strike you

With their disdainful eyes

As they hear this revelation

And exclaim, “He is mad”

This is truly the Reminder for all nations!

Chapter 69: The Undeniable Truth (Surah Al-Haqq)

In the name of ALLAH, the God of Mercy, the Endower of Mercy!

Verses 1 - 12

The undeniable truth!

What is this undeniable truth?

What will make you realize what this undeniable truth is?

Both Thamud and A’d denied the crushing blow. As for Thamud, they were destroyed by a deafening blast, whereas A’d were destroyed by a roaring, violent wind that He (God) made to prevail over them seven nights and eight days continuously. If you were to see them aftermath, you would see bodies prostrate as if they were trunks of hollowed palm trees. Can you see a remnant of them (today)?

Pharaoh, those before him and the ruined cities – these people disobeyed the messengers sent by their Cherisher God. So God seized them with an ever tightening grip.

We (God) certainly carried you in the ship when the water rose high – that We might make it a reminder for you and the mindful may pay heed.

Verses 13 - 37

The trumpet will blow with a single blast - the earth and mountains will be blown away and crushed with a single blow – this would be the great event! The heaven will be torn apart, appearing frail. Angels will be on all sides and above, eight of them will carry the Throne of your Cherisher God!

On that you will be fully exposed – no secret of yours will remain hidden. Those who will be given their books of record on their right hand, will say, “Wow! Read my book. I knew that I would come face to face with my account.”

They will begin a pleasant life

In a Garden high

With fruits near at hand

Eat and drink as you please

A recompense for your work in previous life!

Those who will be given their books of record on their left hand, will lament, “I wish my book was not given to me. I wish I did not have to face my account. How I wish that death put an end to me. My wealth can’t save me. My power is gone from me.”

Take him!

Put a collar on him!

Throw him in the blaze!

Tie him with a chain seventy cubits long!

Because they did not believe in ALLAH, the Great! He did not encourage feeding the poor! Now on this day he will have no true friends, not any food except filth that the wrongdoers eat.

Verses 38 - 52

So I (God) swear by what you see and what you do not! It is, surely, the word from a noble messenger and not the words of a poet or a soothsayer – how little you believe and how little you reflect! It is a revelation from the Cherisher of the Universe!

Had he (Prophet) fabricated any sayings contrary to Ours’, We (God) would have seized him by his right hand and cut off his heart’s artery. Not any of you, in that case, could have saved him from Us.

It is truly a reminder for those who act responsibly. We know that some of you are deniers - such denial will be a source of great grief for those who are disbelievers, but it is the real truth.

Therefore, glorify and exalt the name of your Cherisher God, the Great!

Chapter 70: The Means of Ascent (Surah Al-Maarij)

In the name of ALLAH, the God of Mercy, the Endower of Mercy

Verses 1 - 11

A questioner asks (mockingly)

About the chastisement to come!

For the disbelievers – there is no way to escape!

(A guarantee) from ALLAH, the God of the Means of Ascent

By which Angels and Spirit rise to God in a day

A day measured by fifty thousand years

So be patient (Prophet)

A patience befitting you!

They see it far off

But We (God) see it close at hand!

It is the Day when

The heavens (heat up) as molten brass

The mountains float like carded wool

Friends ignore friends

Even as they see each other!

Verses 12 - 35

The guilty will wish to redeem themselves from the chastisement

By exchanging their children

Their spouses and siblings

Relationships that protected them

(even) All that the earth could offer!

But never!

The chastisement is that fire flamed

That consumes the external layering

Bounds anyone trying to retreat and flee

Who amasses wealth but do not share!

Humankind is prone to anxiety

Distressed when adversity falls

But ungrateful and niggardly when good fortune comes

But not those who are devoted (to God)

Who are constant and consistent in their worship (salah)

In their wealth, they assign a known right and a confirmed obligation

For the poor and the indigents

Who affirms their belief in the Day of Judgement

Fearful of the displeasure of God

None can feel secure from God’s chastisement, (if due)

Who restrains their lusts

Except from their spouses and where exceptions granted1

Those who go beyond these, commit transgression

Who are faithful to their trusts and promises

Who are truthful in their testimonies

Who preserves their devotion to God (salah) constantly

These are in the Garden, dignified!

Verses 36 - 44

How is that these disbelievers

Crowd around you, from the right and from the left

Wishing to be granted entry to the blessed Garden?


We created them

From what they know already!

We are the Master of the Eastern Land and the Western Land

We possess the power

To replace them with others better than them

We will not fail!

So let them be

Engrossed in vanity and enjoyment

Until they come face to face with the day promised

The day when they will rise from the graves

As if being driven to a goal

Eyes downcast

Full of shame!

Such is the day they have been promised!

Chapter 71: Noah (Surah Nuh)

In the name of ALLAH, the God of Mercy, the Endower of Mercy!

Verses 1 - 20

We sent Noah to his community and instructed him thus, “Caution your people before they are faced with a painful torment.” He said, “My people, I am a dedicated warner to you. You should worship ALLAH, act responsibly and follow me. God will forgive you of your sins, and grant you respite till the appointed term – a term when it is due, there will be no postponement! It is better if you comprehend.

He complained, “God, I have called on my people day and night but the more I call the more averse they become. When I speak to them regarding Your forgiveness, they put fingers in their ears and cover themselves in their garments, becoming even more defiant and arrogant. I have called to them openly in public places and have spoken in private, saying, ‘Ask God’s forgiveness, God is Ever Forgiving! God will send down rain, pouring in abundance and aid you with resources and children, and provide for you gardens and make for you rivers. What is the matter with you that you do not aspire greatness from God? God created through stages4. Do you not see how God had created the seven heavens consistent with one another, placing the moon among them as a light and the sun as a lamp? ALLAH had made you grow out of the earth just as a plant sprouts forth, but then God will make you return to it and bring you back as a new growth. ALLAH has made this earth a vast expanse for you that you may follow its wide tracks.’”

Verses 21 - 28

Noah said, “God, these people disobey me and follow those whose wealth and children did not increase them in anything but in ruins. They have schemed a mighty plan. They say (to their people), ‘Do no abandon your gods – do not forsake Wadd5 or Suwa, nor Yaguth or Ya’uq or Nasr.’ They have caused many to go astray. May You bring nothing but ruins to these evil people!”

Because of their evils, they were drowned and made to enter the Fire – they indeed found no helpers besides ALLAH. Noah said, “God, do not let any disbeliever dwell on this land – if you let them, they will lead Your servants the wrong way and will only beget those who are immoral and ungrateful! God, may You forgive me, my parents, those who come to my house believing, faithful men and faithful women. May You not bring anything to the ungrateful except destructions!”

Chapter 72: Jinn (Surah Al-Jinn)

In the name of ALLAH, the God of Mercy, the Endower of Mercy!

Verses 1 - 15

Say (Prophet), “It has been revealed to me that a group of jinns listened (to this Qur’an) and said to themselves, ‘We have heard of this marvelous Qur’an! It guides to the right path, and we believe in it. We shall no longer set up a partner to God, Who is Majestic and to be exalted. God has no son or consort, yet the fools among us used to assert unfounded lies against God, whereas we thought both humankind and jinn don’t lie against God. (We also know that) there are people who would seek collaboration with jinns to aid one another in evils and these people thought as you (jinn) think that God will resurrect none. We seek to reach heaven but find it filled with impenetrable guards and shooting flames, whereas (in the past) we used to sit in some hiding places to steal hearings. But now when we try to listen in, we find a flaming meteor waiting to go after us.

So we are no longer sure if an evil is about to fall on the inhabitants of the earth or if their Sustainer God will lead them to the right path. Some of us are good while others are anything but good – we are on different paths! We know that we cannot escape ALLAH on this earth, nor can we escape with our fleeing! Therefore, when we heard this guidance, we accepted – whoever believes in God will have no reason to fear loss or injustice! Some of us are among those who submit and some of us are those who deviate from it – those who submit, aim for the right way while those who deny become the fodder for hell.”’

Verses 16 - 28

(Say), “if people (and jinn) keep to the right creed, We (God) will give them abundance to try them (further) – if they then become unmindful of their God, then God will bring about grievous consequences. The mosques are for ALLAH – therefore, do not call upon anyone other than ALLAH.”

(See) when the Servant of ALLAH stood up to worship God, they crowded around him! Say, “I call on God only and associate none with God! I do not control good or evil for you. None can protect me from God, nor can I find a refuge other than God. (My task is to) deliver from ALLAH and deliver God’s messages. Anyone who disobeys ALLAH and God’s messenger, will face the fire of Hell, to be confined therein. Only when they see what they have been promised, they will know who is more helpless or less in numbers! I do not know whether the promise to you (of reward or punishment) is close at hand and at a distant future. It is to my God – the Knower of unseen - Who dictates such terms and makes the secrets known to none but a messenger as God chooses. God assigns a protector and a watcher with and about him to ensure that they have indeed delivered the messages from their Sustainer God. God encompasses everything about them and keeps account of all things!”

Chapter 73: Covered (Surah Al-Muzammil)

In the name of ALLAH, the God of Mercy, the Endower of Mercy!

Verses 1 - 11

O (Prophet) covered up (in your cloak)!

Rise (to devotion) by night

All night or perhaps a little less

Half of the night or a little less

Or a little more

And recite the Qur’an, slowly and distinctly

We are about to endow you with a mighty message

The vigil of the night makes the impression deeper

The speech sharper

Your days are consumed in prolong exertions

Be mindful of the Essence of your Sustainer

Devote to Him to its fullest

The Cherisher of the East and the West

There is no god but God

Take God as your true Guardian

Be patient with what they say

Pass their behavior with dignity

Leave the deniers to Me

Those who possess plenty (wealth and pride)

Let’s respite them for a while

Verses 12 - 19

With Us are fetters (to bind)

And abyss (of burn)

And food that chokes

And consequences dire

(All to manifest) On a Day when the earth and mountains will shake

The mountains becoming heaps of loose sands

(O people) We have sent you a messenger

As a witness for you

Just as We sent a messenger to Pharaoh (earlier)

But Pharaoh denied the messenger

And We seized him with a terrifying grip

How then, if you (too) deny

Will you protect yourselves?

From a Day that turns children grey-haired

Makes the sky torn to pieces

Surely, His promise is ever fulfilled!

Indeed, this is a Reminder

You are free, if you will, to take the way to Your Sustainer God!

Verses 20

(O Prophet), Your Sustainer Knows that you spend in devotion nearly two-thirds of the night, sometime half of it, sometimes a third of it and so does a group of those who follow you. It is ALLAH Who measures the night and the day. He recognizes that you are not able to do so and so, He has relented to all of you – therefore, read as much of the Qur’an as is easy for you.

God knows that there are those who are sick among you, those who travels on land, seeking livelihoods and others who exerts in ALLAH’s way. Therefore, read as much of it as easy for you, while you maintain your worship of God, support the poor (zakat) and lend to ALLAH a good loan (in charity).

Whatever good deeds you store for your soul beforehand, you will find it with God – better and with a grand reward!

Ask forgiveness from ALLAH - God is Forgiving, God is the Endower of Mercy!

Chapter 74: Wrapped up in Cloak (Surah Al-Mudassir)

In the name of ALLAH, the God of Mercy and Endower of Mercy!

Verses 1 - 20

O YOU (Prophet) wrapped up in your cloak

Rise and warn (be visible)

Proclaim the greatness of your Cherisher God

Purify yourself

Avoid all uncleanliness

Don’t be weaken or feel overwhelmed

Be patient, for the sake of your Sustainer God!

When the trumpet is sounded

Announcing a Day, a difficult day

For the deniers – it will be anything but easy!

Leave Me (God) alone with them

Whom I created

Whom I have given vast wealth

Large followers in their presence

Life made easy!

Yet, they wish that I give them more

By no means!

They are persistently opposed to Our Messages

I will bring a torment to overtake them

Because they think and they are intentional

How awful is their determinations?

See, how awful is the way they plan

Verses 21 - 31

He looked (at you, O Prophet)7

He frowned, he became angry

He turned back with blind arrogance

Said he, “This is nothing but tales of ancient!”

“This is nothing but the word from a mortal”

I (God) will cast him in a devouring fire

What will make you comprehend what that fire is?

It outlasts everything and spares nothing

Destroys all mortals!

Nineteen (angels) are over it

We have made none but angels as guardians to the fire. Their numbers (angels or the fires) are only to cause confusion for the deniers but as an affirmation for those who had been given the book (e.g., Jews and Christians) before and to increase the faith of those who are Muslims. Those who had been given the book before and those who are faithful have no doubts whereas those whose hearts are corrupt and those who are deniers say, “What does ALLAH mean by this parable?” This is how ALLAH leave in error whom He pleases and guides whom He pleases. Nobody knows the hosts of your Sustainer (as He does). This (message) is nothing but a Reminder for the mortals!

Verses 32 - 56

(Look) at the moon

The night as it departs

The dawn as it lightens up

This (message) is a mighty thing!

A pure warning to the mortals

Whomever wish to move forward or stay back

Every soul is bound to its action

But the people of the Right

They are in gardens

Inquiring about the guilty

“What has brought you to this fire?”

They (guilty) will say:

“We were not those who worshipped

We did not feed the poor

We indulged in vain talks among the indulgent

We denied the Day of Judgment

Until the inevitable came upon us”

Therefore, no plea from any intercessor can benefit them now.

What is the matter with them?

Why do they turn away from the Reminder?

Stampeding like frightened asses from a lion!

Every one of them desires that a book be brought out to them

And unrolled before their very eyes!

But never! They are totally unmindful about the Hereafter.

Yet, this is truly a Reminder

For whoever may wish to mind

But none will except as God pleases

God is most Worthy to demand personal accountability

And most Worthy to grant forgiveness!

Chapter 75: Resurrection (Surah Al-Qiyamah)

In the name of ALLAH, the God of Mercy and the Endower of Mercy!

Verses 1 - 15

(Need) I (God) swear by the Day of Resurrection?

Or by the soul that is self-aware?

Does mankind think that We shall not put their bones together?

In fact, We (God) are able to put together even their fingertips!

Clearly mankind want to deny what is ahead of them

They (even) ask, “when is the Day of Resurrection?”

Yet, when the eyes are baffled

The moon darkens

The sun and the moon are gathered

Same people will say then, “where to escape?”

Well, there is no refuge

Except with your Cherisher God

that is where to find rest on that Day!

Mankind will be informed on that Day

What they deposited – the first and the last

In fact, the mankind will become evidence against themselves

Thought they will put up excuses

Verses 16 - 33

(O Prophet) Do not rush with your tongue, (to memorize) in haste!

We are in charge of collecting it and it’s recitation

When We recite, follow its recitation (without haste)!

(Rest assured) it is on Us (God) to explain as well!

(O Mankind) you love the present life

And neglect the life to come!

Some faces will be bright and joyous

As they gaze at their Sustainer

While other faces will be grim

With recognition that a great calamity awaits them

See, when it (the soul) comes up to the throat

It is asked, “Who will save you now?”

It realizes – it is the time to depart

As their legs are bound together (in shroud)

On that day, the driving will be to your Cherisher God

They did not accept the truth

Nor worshipped (God)

They rejected


Then went to their people conceited and arrogant

Verses 34 - 40

(Death) comes nearer to you and still nearer

Again nearer to you and ever closing in

Does mankind think that they will be left alone?

Were they not a product of spent fluid?

Then they attach (in the womb)

God creates and shapes them (as babies)

Determines two kinds – male and female

Is He (God) not capable of giving life back to the dead?

Chapter 76: Human (Surah Al-Insan)

In the name of ALLAH, the God of Mercy and the Endower of Mercy!

Verses 1 - 19

Had there been a time

When human species was nothing worthy of a mention?

Surely, We (God) created him from sperm and egg mixed

And to try them

We gave them hearing and sight!

Offered them guidance to the path (to God)

They can be thankful or be in denial!

We have prepared for the deniers

Chains, iron collars and fiery fire

But for the righteous

A drink from a cup

A drink tempered with fragrance

A fountain from which only servants of God drinks

Flowing in abundance

They fulfill their promises

Mindful of a day

When dire consequences will be widespread

They feed the poor, the orphans, and the captives

Out of love for God

(And say): We feed you for ALLAH’s pleasure

Aspiring no rewards or thanks from any of you

We are intensely mindful of our Cherisher God

Of a Day

Grim and distressing!

But on that Day

God will protect them (the righteous) from its evils

Bring them to splendor and happiness

A reward for being steady

Gardens and silk (dress)

Reclining on couches elevated

Experiencing neither intense heat nor cold

With branches leaning on them

Giving shadows

And fruit clusters within reach

Being served with

Vessels of silver

Goblets of glass crystals

Measured in due proportions

From cups a drink

Infused with ginger

From a fountain named Salsabil

Served by youth as they go around

Never changing in age

Like scattered pearls

To the beholders

Verses 20 - 31

As you look around

You see blessings (everywhere)

Presence of a grand kingdom!

Garments of fine green silk and brocade

Sliver bracelets

A pure drink – made by their Sustainer God

Indeed, this is a reward for you

Your strivings duly recognized!

Indeed, We Ourselves have revealed this Qur’an

In portions to you (Prophet)

Patiently wait for judgment from your Sustainer

Don’t give in to the sinners and ungrateful among them

Glorify the essence of your Cherisher God

Mornings and evenings

Part of the night devote to your Sustainer

Glorify throughout the long night

These deniers

Love this transitory life

Neglecting the grim day ahead of them

We (God) created them

And made their constitutions firm

But We can replace them

if We so please!

Again, this is a Reminder

Whoever so will

Let them take their ways to thier Cherisher

But they will not

Unless God so pleases

God is ever Knowing, Wise!

He (God) admits to His Mercy as He pleases

But for the unjust

God has prepared a terrible consequence!

Chapter 77: Sent Forth (Surah Al-Mursalat)

In the name of ALLAH, the God of Mercy, the Endower of Mercy

Verses 1 - 19

Those sent forth in rapid succession!8

Raising up a storm

Spreading far and wide

Separating good from evil!

Those sent to remind

To clarify or to warn

What promised will come to pass!

When the stars are made to lose their lights

The sky is made to fall apart

The mountains are turned to dust, blown away

The messengers are met with their appointments!

What day is that for such appointments?

It is a Day of Decision!

What will make you realize what this Day of Decision is?

Woe to the deniers on that Day!

Did We not remove the former generations?

And catch up with the later ones?

This is how We take account from the sinful!

Woe to the deniers on that Day!

Verses 20 - 40

Did We not create you from ordinary water?

Then We placed it in a place, made secure

Until a term set forth

This is how We determine

How excellent We are in such determinations!

Woe to the deniers on that Day!

Have We not made the earth

A home for the living and the dead?

Placed on it lofty mountains?

Given you drinks of fresh water?

Woe to the deniers on that Day!

Walk towards that which you denied

Walk to the shadow of three plumes

Which is neither cool nor a protection against the flame

Send out sparks like massive tree trunks

Burning like welded copper!

Woe to the deniers on that Day!

On that Day, they will not dare to speak

Nor permitted to offer lame excuses

Woe to the deniers on that Day!

That is the Day of Decision!

We have gathered you and your previous generations!

If you wish to devise a plan against Me, do it now

Woe to the deniers on that Day!

Verses 41 - 50

For those who acted responsibly

There is cool shades and gushing fountains

Eat and drink as a reward for your accomplishments

This is how We reward good people!

Woe to the deniers on that Day!

Eat and enjoy for a little while

While accumulating guilts!

Woe to the deniers on that Day!

When they are asked – Submit!

They refuse!

Woe to the deniers on that Day!

What narratives, after these, will they believe?

***Excerpt from on-going translation of the Qur’an – Removing the Middleman Series, by Rashed Hasan. Copyright by Author***

July 2024

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