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Monthly Qur'an Readings

Session 8

Chapter 6 (Al-Anam) - Continued…

Verses 112–121

God allowed enemies against every prophet—the devils among men and jinn, some of them inspiring others with gilded speeches and arguments, only to deceive. If your Sustainer had willed, they would not have done that. Therefore, remain aloof from them and from their falsehoods. (This is how God) inclines the hearts of those who doubt the Hereafter toward such gilded enticements so that they may earn what is due (from such evil inclinations). (Say:) How can I seek a judge other than ALLAH when He is the One Who has revealed this book, explaining and differentiating? Those who received the Book (the Bible and the Torah before) know that this book is revealed from your Sustainer with Truth; therefore, be not of those who doubt.

The Word of God has been fulfilled with truth and as promised. There is none who can change what God intends. He is the Hearer, the Knower. If you were to follow many of those who inhabit the earth, they would lead you away from Guidance coming from God. They follow nothing but their own conjectures and manufactured lies. Your Sustainer God surely knows who moves away from His Guidance and who stays on it.

Eat of the meat on which God’s grace has been acknowledged to demonstrate your belief in His message. What reason you may have not to eat of which God’s grace has been acknowledged? He has already made it known to you what is forbidden and its exceptions if you are compelled to it. Certainly, many people deviate from guidance by their ignorance and errant views. Your Sustainer God knows those who transgress as such. Stay away from any sin—in public or in secret. Those who commit sins will face the consequences. Do not eat of which God’s grace has not been acknowledged—this a practice of transgression. Certainly, the Devil within people instigates them to contend on these matters with you. If you incline to them, they will bring you to the practices of polytheism.

Verses 122–135

Think of someone who was dead, and then We (God) brought him to life and gave him a light by which he is able to walk among people; is he the same as the one who is in darkness and has no light to come out? For those who deny the truth, their doings are made to appear good to them. Thus, We allow the leaders in every land to be its evildoers so that they plan in it; but their plan is against themselves, which they do not perceive. When a message (from God) comes to them, they say: “We will not believe until we are given the same message that ALLAH had given to His messengers.” But God knows best where to place His message. Humiliation and serious chastisement will come to these evildoers for what they scheme (against people and God).

Whomever God wills to guide, He opens up his heart to Islam (faith and goodness), and whomever He wills to leave in their errant ways, He constrains and restricts their breast as if he is rising up in sky. This is how God does not guide those who deny the truth. This guidance is the true guidance from your Sustainer—a straight path. God makes His message clear to those who mind. For such is the residence of peace with their Sustainer who is their Friend for what they do.

On the Day when We will gather them all and ask: “O assembly of jinn (leaders of evildoers), you have diverted a great many among people,” their erstwhile friends among men will say: “Some of us have benefited from others (in our lives), and now we have come to the end of our terms, terms that you have fixed for us.” God will say: “Fire is where you will reside, except whom God wills; Your Sustainer is Wise and Knowing! This is how We make the evildoers befriend one another because of what they do.” (God will address): “O community of Jinn and Men, did not My Messengers come to you giving you the Guidance and making you aware of this Day of Our meeting?” They will reply: “We bear witness against ourselves”; indeed, the life on earth deceived them and they will testify against themselves that they denied the truth. This is a norm from your Sustainer, Who does not destroy a town where its inhabitants are unaware. Each town is treated according to a measure of what they do. Your Sustainer God is not unaware of what they do.

Your Sustainer is Self-Sufficient, Full of Mercy. If God wills, He may remove you and make whom He wills to succeed you in a manner that He made you to succeed your predecessors. Whatever you have been promised (e.g., Day of Judgment) will surely take place; you cannot escape such an outcome. Say (Prophet): “O my community, act as you are able, and I will do the same. You will soon come to know who will inherit the future, because the unjust will not succeed.”

Verses 136–144

They assign from which ALLAH has created for them of produce and cattle a portion to God—at least that is what they assert, and a portion to other deities (whom they associate with God). The portion assigned to other deities never comes to God but what is assigned to God somehow reaches the other deities. (See how) their judgment is corrupted with evil practices! Their belief in these deities (or false dogma) justifies them to kill their children; such belief may cause their destruction (as a society) and confuse them regarding their faith. If God had willed, they would not have behaved as such; therefore, stay away from what they falsely assert.

They say: “Specific cattle and produce from the field are forbidden; none shall eat from these except as we please”—this they assert and more— “certain cattle you cannot ride, and on certain cattle you cannot grace by God’s name.” All of these are falsely ascribed as if injunctions from God; all such false assertions will have consequences as defined by God. They say: “What is in the womb of such and such cattle is reserved for males only and forbidden to females, but if it turns out to be stillborn, then all can partake in it.” God will make them face the consequences of such false assertions (to God); God is Ever Wise, All Knowing!

Failure is bound to come to those who kill their children perversely and out of ignorance and who forbid people from what God has provided for—all to forge a lie against God; these are deviations from truth, and they are certainly not guided.

God is the One Who produces in fields cultivated or growing wild—date palms, fruits and grains of various sorts, olives, and pomegranates, similar and in varieties. Consume of the fruits as they ripen and share their due to others when you harvest. Don’t be wasteful; God does not love the prodigal. Among the cattle, there are some that carry your burden and others for you to consume. Eat from what God had gifted you with, and do not create evil practices by following the Devil, whose evil is openly declared (against humans).

Regarding the eight in pairs—two of sheep and two of goats—ask them: “Has God forbidden the two males or two females or what the wombs of these female may contain? Inform me with knowledge, if you are truthful.” Now as regards the two of camels and two of cattle, ask them: “Has God forbidden the two males or two females or what the wombs of these female may contain? Were you a witness to God’s prescribing any of these?” Who is more perverse than the one who falsifies in the name of God and leads people to devious ways without the benefit of any real knowledge? God certainly will not guide such corrupt people.

Verses 145–153

Say: “Based on what has been revealed to me, I find nothing forbidden to eat for anyone desiring to eat except what died of itself, blood poured forth, or flesh of swine—these being filthy —or where a transgression has occurred by blessing a slaughter with a name other than ALLAH’s. But if someone is driven by necessity—neither desiring it nor consuming more than his immediate needs, then he will find his Sustainer Forgiving and Merciful.” As for the followers of the Jewish faith, We (God) prohibited animals with claws, oxen and sheep (Leviticus 7:23), and all their fats except what is on their backs or in the intestines or internal organs or what is inside the bones—these restrictions are a form of punishment for their continued rebellion; indeed We (God) speak the truth. Therefore, if they deny you, say: “Your Sustainer is expansive in His mercy, but for those who persist in sinful acts, their negative consequences, as prescribed by God, cannot be avoided.”

Those who are Polytheists say: “If God had willed, we would not have set up partners to God, nor our forefathers, nor we would have prohibited things that are allowed (by God).” Similar was the behavior of those before them until the evil consequences, as prescribed by God, touched them. Say: “Do you have any documented sources that you can produce before us? (Perhaps) you follow conjectures and are telling lies.” Say: “With God rests the final evidence to truth. If He willed, we all would have been guided (to the truth).” Ask them: “Bring your witness regarding such prohibition.” Even if they bear witness, you should stay away from such witnesses and never follow the unworthy desires of those who reject God’s messages, who have no conviction in the Afterlife, and who regard others as equal with God, their Sustainer.

Say: “Come and let me convey what God has forbidden: Assign no partner to God, and be good to your parents; do not kill your children for fear of poverty—God provides for you and for them; do not get close to anything shameful—openly or in secret; do not take a human life that God has made sacred, except for reason of justice. These He directs you to so that you will have a better understanding.” Do not touch the property of orphans except with the best of intentions; wait until they attain maturity, and then give what is due and be equitable; We (God) never impose a burden on anyone except what s/he can bear. When you speak, speak the truth and be just, even if it goes against those with whom you have relationships with. Fulfill your covenant with God. These, again God directs you so that you will become conscious and mindful.

These are the directives to the Straight Path (to God)—stay on this path, and do not follow other ways that might lead you away. Such are God’s directives so that you become responsible and fulfill your obligations (tattaqun).

Verses 154–160

We (God) gave Moses the book, to complete (Our blessings) on those who would do what is good and beautiful – providing clear exposition of all things, a guidance and a mercy so that they might develop faith in meeting their Sustainer God. This is a book (the Qur’an) that We have revealed as blessings; therefore, follow its teachings and be mindful of your responsibility so that you might receive His blessings; lest you say that books were revealed to two parties before us and we were not informed of what they read. Or, you say: “If the Book was revealed to us, we would have guided ourselves better than they did.” Now then, the evident truth from your Sustainer has come—a source of guidance and blessings; whoever now denies such messages from ALLAH and walks away from them will be the one doing evil indeed. We will return such negligence and opposition to our Messages with negative consequences that befit such conduct.

Is it that they are waiting for anything other than angels to come to them, or that your Sustainer God should come, or some other evidence appears from your Sustainer? The day when such evidence will arrive, their faith in it will benefit no souls that did not believe before or did not use their prior faith to do good. Say: “Wait then, and we will wait with you as well.” (Beyond belief) those who create division in their faith and turn into sectarian divides, you have no relationship with them. Their affairs will be in the hands of God, Who will inform them with respect to their conduct. Whoever earns a good and beautiful deed, God will multiply its rewards ten times, and whoever brings about an evil deed will face its consequences accordingly; no wrong will be done to them.

Verses 161–165

Say: “As for me, my Sustainer God (rabbi) has directed me to the Straight Path—a path that is steeped in righteousness, in the tradition of Abraham, the bearer of truth and faith, who was not a polytheist.” Say: “My prayer and my worship, my sacrifices and perseverance, my life’s pursuits, and my ever-approaching death—all are directed to God’s will, the Sustainer of the Universe! He has no partners. I am commanded to this, and I am the first to submit and act (as a Muslim).”

Say: “How can I seek out a Sustainer other than ALLAH Himself, since He is the Cherisher of all things?” No soul bears but what it earns (see also 53:33–41), and no soul will be made to face the consequence of what someone else has done. At the end of your life, you return to you Cherisher God so that He can inform you on matters that you differed on (while alive). God is the One Who made you (the current generation) the successor on earth and made some of you excel over others so that God may ascertain your worth with respect to His gift He has given you. God is prompt in requiting; God is ever the Forgiver, the Merciful!

Chapter 7 - Surah Al-Araf (The Elevation)

Verses 1–18

In the name of ALLAH, the God of Mercy, The Endower of Mercy!

Alif Lam Mim Swad. (This is) A Book that has been inspired to you (Prophet). Let there be no doubt about it in your heart so that you may caution people with it, and it may serve as a conscious reminder for those who have attained faith. Follow what has been revealed to you from your Sustainer and take no others besides ALLAH as Guardians; little it is that you reflect to develop consciousness.

How many communities (that were unmindful) have We brought to their consequences (ruins) while they rested at night or slept at noon? When they suddenly faced their consequences due, their only response was: “Indeed, we have done wrong (to ourselves)!” We [God] will question everyone who received the message, and We will question the message bearers as well so that We can confer to them realities (of life and their doings); We are never absent (from their lives). On that day judgment will be rendered with truth and fairness—for those whose good deeds outweigh their evil deeds will be successful, whereas those whose evils outweigh their goodness will have destroyed themselves because of their rejection of God’s messages. You should know that We have given you firm footings on this planet earth and provided all means to sustain your lives; yet you hardly ever give thanks (to God).

We (God) created you and shaped you (perfected you) and said to the Angels: “Submit to Adam.” They all submitted except Iblis (the Devil), who did not follow through (see also 2:34, 15:28, 20:116). He (God) said (to the Devil): “What got in the way when I commanded you to submit (to Adam)?” He (the Devil) said: “I am better than him (Adam); You created me from fire, whereas you created him from dust (see also 3:59).” God said: “You are removed from your current state; you cannot behave arrogantly (in this state); go forth, and you will be among those who are humiliated.”

The Devil pleaded: “Respite me till the day people will be resurrected.” God replied: “Yes, you are those who have been given such respite.” The Devil asserted: “Since You caused my downfall (on their account), I will lie in wait for them along Your Straight Path; I will approach them from their front, from behind them, from their right and from their left. You will find most of them not thankful to You.” God replied: “Be gone as despised and disowned. Whoever among the people follow you, I will certainly bring its consequences (Hellfire) to you all.”

Verses 19–31

(ALLAH said): “O Adam, enjoy life in Heaven with your wife and partake of anything it has to offer, but do not approach this tree lest you commit an act of injustice (against yourselves).” But the Devil whispered to them otherwise to expose to them their sense of shame and evil that was hitherto unknown to them and said: “Your Cherisher God forbade this tree lest you become angels and be of the immortals.” He then swore to them: “I am an honest adviser to you (both).”

This is how he (the Devil) caused them to fall from grace by his deceit. So once they had tasted from the tree, they became aware of their nakedness, and they began to cover themselves with leaves from the garden. (God) called out to them: “Did I not forbid you about this tree and also say to you that the Devil is an enemy always ready (to act against your interest)?” They both replied: “O Our Sustainer, we have wronged ourselves; unless you forgive us and show mercy on us, we both will be among those who have lost their way.”

God said: “Go forth (to the earth), some of you adversaries of others. On the earth you will have your living quarters and your livelihood for a time. It is here that you will live, it is here that you will die, and from here you will be raised (on the Day of Resurrection).”

O Children of Adam (and Eve): We (God) have enabled you to fabricate clothing with which to cover your shame and to beautify yourself, but the best of clothing is consciousness and a sense of duty (taqwa). Such is the message from God so that you become mindful.

O Children of Adam (and Eve): Do not let the Devil deceive you as he caused your parents (Adam and Eve) to be expelled from Heaven and removed their garments to expose their shamefulness. The Devil and his hosts can see you, whereas you are (at times) unable to see or perceive them. We (God) have made the Devil aligned with those who deny faith in God.

When such people commit an indecent (and unjust) act, they say: “We found our forefathers doing the same, and God has prescribed us to do it (as well).” Say (to them): “God never prescribes indecency (and unjust acts)! Do you ascribe to God something that you have no basis for (or knowledge of)?” Say (to them): “My Cherisher God only commands what is just and what is right. Devote yourself wholeheartedly in every act of worship of God, and seek his blessing with sincerity, and be true to His guidance. (Remember that) God is the One Who brought you into existence, and to Him you will return.”

A group God has guided but another group strayed from guidance as a consequence of what they did—they preferred the Devil, instead of God, as their guardian in life, and they think they are on the right track. O Children of Adam (and Eve): Conduct yourself most beautifully in every act of worship, partake freely in every nourishment (God had provided), and be measured in your consumptions. God does not like those who are wasteful.

Verses 32–41

Say: “Who forbids what ALLAH provides—beautifications and protections for life and wholesome provisions for sustenance—given to those who believe (to share with others) in this life, exclusively for them on the Day of Resurrection?” This is how We (God) make clear the messages for those who wish to know. Say: “My Cherisher God only forbids shameful actions and conducts, be they done openly or in secret; vices and any rebellious act without justification; any association with God without authority directed by God and saying anything concerning God that you have no knowledge of.” For every society, there is a period of performance set; when that term expires, no one can delay it by an hour or advance it.

O Children of Adam (and Eve): Whenever a Messenger from among you comes to convey My (God’s) messages and guidance, whoever then becomes conscious (attaqwa) and acts in goodness (aslaha), they will have no reason to fear nor any reason to regret, whereas those who deny Our messages and guidance out of arrogance, it is they who will face Hellfire and remain therein.

Who is more corrupt than the one who invents lies against God or denies God’s messages? They will face whatever their books (they follow) prescribe (for such corruption) until the Angel of Death (a messenger from God) comes to them to cause their death and asks: “Where are those that you used to call in devotion besides God?” They will reply: “These (entities) have departed us.” This is how they will refute themselves and bear witness that they were not believers.

He (God) will say: “Enter and join those nations from men and jinn in the Hellfire.” Every time a new group comes in, it will blame its sister group until all of them have followed one another, and the last group will say, regarding the first group: “O our Sustainer, these are the ones who led us away (from Your guidance); so double the torment of fire for them.” God will reply: “It is doubled for everyone, but you do not realize that.” The first group will then call out to the last group: “You have no preference over us. Suffer then the consequence of what you have earned (just like us).”

Those who deny God’s message and behave arrogantly regarding such messages, the door of the sky will not open for them, nor will they enter Paradise until a camel can pass through the eye of a needle. This is how the guilty will be rewarded for what they earned. The Hellfire will be a bed and a covering for them; this is how the corrupt will be rewarded for what they have earned.

Verses 42–53

Those who believe and do good, as We (God) do not put a burden on any soul beyond what it can bear—these are the companions of Paradise where they will reside. We will cleanse them of any ill feelings in their hearts, and water will flow beneath their feet. They will say: Thanks to ALLAH Who guided us to this (outcome)!

We could not have found guidance if God had not guided us. (We knew that) the Messengers of God came with the truth from our Sustainer.

And it will be declared to them: “This is the Garden (Paradise) you have inherited by what you did (in your life on the earth).” The residents of Paradise will call out to the residents of Hellfire: “We have found the promise of our Sustainer to be true. Have you found the same to be true?” They (from Hellfire) will say: “Yes.” At this point an announcer will pronounce: “The displeasure of God is on those who are evil, who take people away from God’s path and distort the truth; they were truly in denial of the life after death.” (God will place) a veil between them (separating Paradise and Hell).

There is a group of people, discerning and aware of all the markers of truth, but not permitted to enter Paradise yet, which they fervently hope for, who will call out to the residents in Paradise: “Greeting of peace to you all.” And as they glance at the residents of Hellfire, they will cry out: “Our Sustainer God, may you not place us with these evil people.” Again, the people discerning and having known the markers (of those who will find themselves in Hellfire) will call out: “Your arrogance and your accumulation of wealth (and power) were of no use. Is it about these people (who are now in Paradise) that you used to swear by God that they would have no mercy (from God)?” (God will now permit them to) enter Paradise, where you will have no fear and no reason to grieve!

The residents of Hellfire will call out to the residents of Paradise: “Could you pour us some water or give any provision God had given you?” They (the residents in Paradise) will reply: “Both are denied to those who have denied faith in God—you neglected the guidance and made fun of it and were deceived by their earthly life.” Therefore, this day We (God) will forsake them, as they were oblivious of this day of meeting (with their Creator), and they denied Our messages—a book that We brought to them to clarify things with knowledge, guidance, and mercy; for those who care to believe!

Are they really waiting for its finality—on the Day when it will come (all truth will become manifest)? Those we were unmindful of it will say: “(We do now realize) that the Messengers of God came with truth; is there anyone who can intercede on our behalf? Is there a way for us to go back so that we could do things differently than we did before?” These are the ones who have wasted their lives, and whatever errant beliefs they resorted to have failed them.

Verses 54–58

Your Sustainer (rabb) is the One Who created the universe and this planet Earth in six stages (periods, days) (see also: 41:9–12) and took control of their affairs; He lets the night overtake the day in constant pursuits; the sun, the moon, and the stars follow His commands. God’s is the creation, and God’s is the command and control (of it)—this is how Blessed and Hallowed the Cherisher of the Universe (God) is!

Resort to your Sustainer in humility and in your private moments. God certainly disdains transgressions of any kind. Do not make mischief and corruption on earth after it is made to conform (to human and natural orders) and refer to God with consciousness and ardent aspirations. God’s mercy and blessings are ever present to those who do good.

God is the One Who sends the wind bearing news of His impending mercy—clouds laden (with moisture and water) and driven (by wind) to a land devoid of life and pouring down abundant water which causes all kinds of fruits (and vegetation) to come forth. This is how We (God) extract the dead (and the living) so that you can be thoughtful and mindful. Good soil gives vegetation in abundance by the grace of its Cherisher, and the soil less fertile produces but in smaller quantity. This is how We repeat messages and change signs (in nature) that you may appreciate and become thankful.

Verses 59–72

We (God) sent Noah to his people, and he said to them: “O my people, serve ALLAH; you have no other deity besides Him. I worry about the consequences for you on that Day of Difficulty.” The leaders of his community said: “We think he is clearly wrong.” To which Noah replied: “There is no error in me, as I am the messenger sent by the Cherisher of the Universe. I deliver to you the guidance from my Sustainer, and I offer good counsel; I know from God what you do not know. Are you somewhat bewildered that a message and a reminder from your Sustainer is being delivered by someone from among you, that I may caution you and make you conscious of your responsibility (tattaqu) and you can be among those who are shown His mercy?” But they rejected him; so We [God] gave him and his followers in the Ark safe passage while We drowned those who denied Our Guidance. They were indeed blinded (by their ignorance and arrogance)!

We (God) sent Hud (as a prophet) to the people of ʿĀd (a descendant of Noah)—he was a member of their community, and he said: “O my people, serve God; besides Him, you have no other deity. Will you not be conscious of your responsibility (tattaqu)?” Their leaders, who were steeped in denial, said to him: “You have foolish ideas, and you are a liar.” He said: “O my people, I have no folly in me, and I am a messenger from the Cherisher of the Universe! I deliver guidance from my God, and I am here to provide counsel in good faith. Do you find it strange that your God has sent someone who is from among you so that he may caution you (in a way that you can relate to)? Reflect on the fact that God has established you on the land as a successor to Noah and multiplied your power and possessions. Therefore, be mindful of God’s favors so that you can attain success.”

His people said: “Have you come to us to tell us to worship God alone and reject other deities that our forefathers worshipped? You might as well bring us the consequence that you speak about, assuming you are truthful.” Hud replied: “Surely evil practices and God’s displeasure are already on you. Do you dispute with me about deities that you and your forefathers invented without any confirmation from God? Let’s then wait (for the consequences)! I too am waiting with those who wait (and have patience). We (God) saved him and those who stood by him and brought destruction (through a violent storm; see 69:7) to those who denied Our Guidance; they were not believers at all.

Verses 73–93

To the People of Thamud, We sent Salih, who was of them, and he said: “O my people, serve ALLAH; besides Him, you have no other deities. Your God has sent you guidance that can be easily understood. Here is a female camel, a sign (and trial, 54:27) from God; leave her alone to roam on God’s earth and do her no harm, lest the evil consequence of your action touches you. Reflect how He (God) established you after ʿĀd and settled you in the land, where you built castles in its valley and carved out dwellings on the mountainside. Remember such graces of God, and do not spread corruption in the land and make mischief.”

Their proud leaders asked those who believed (in Salih’s message) and those whom they deemed to be weaker (and less fortunate than themselves): “Do you know if Salih has been sent by his God?” They said: “We do believe in what he has been sent with.” But those proud (leaders) replied: “We reject what you believe in.” They then went ahead, tortured the she-camel to death, revolted against guidance of God, and challenged Salih: “Bring on that punishment (evil consequence) that you warned us with if you are a messenger.” The earthquake then overtook them, and they lay dead in their own homes. So Salih moved on, saying: “O my people, I have delivered messages from my Sustainer and gave you good counsel, but you do not love such advisers.”

(Similarly) We sent Lot, and he said to his people: “Do you commit an act so shameful that none have done this before in this world—you come on to men in lust as opposed to women? You are a people who commit excess.” His people had no other answer than to say: “Get him out of this town—he and his people aspire to purity!” We saved and delivered Lot and his followers, except his wife, who remained behind with others on whom We let torrents of rain descend. See then how we bring an end to those who are sinful.

To the people of Midian, We sent one of them—Shuaib, who said: “O my people, worship God, besides Whom you have no other deities. Guidance has come to you from your Sustainer God; Give full measure, weigh (apportion) and give what is due to others without diminishing (by any means); do not spread corruption and mischief in the land after peace and order have been restored. This is better for you, if you care to believe. Do no put obstacles by threatening and deterring people who wish to believe in God and follow His guidance and do not attempt to distort the truth. You should remember when you were few in numbers and how God made you a larger community; you should also reflect on what happens to those who make mischief and spread corruption! Since there is a group of you who accept what I have been sent with and there is another party who does not; let’s wait with patience (and give each other space to differ) until God provides His judgment between us since God is the Best of all Judges.”

The leaders of his community, being arrogant and proud, said: “Shuaib, we will force you and those who believe with you from our town unless you come back to our religion.” Shuaib replied: “(are you going to force us) even if we dislike it (your religion)? If we do go back to it after God has guided us, then we will be inventing a lie against God. We will not go back unless God, our Cherisher, wills as such. Our Sustainer encompasses all knowledge (so he is aware of our situation), and on God do we rely. O our Sustainer, expose the truth between us and our community; You are the Best to make things clear!”

The leaders of his community who disbelieved said (to others): “If you follow Shuaib, you will suffer losses.” (Before they could carry out their threat), an earthquake (and/or volcanic eruption) overwhelmed them, and they were reduced to dead bodies, lying on the ground in their own homes. It was as if they had never lived there; they, who called Shuaib a liar, turned out to be the real losers. As Shuaib turned away (from witnessing the calamity), he said: “O my people, I have communicated the guidance of my Sustainer God to you, and I have given you good counsel. So how can I now empathize with people who persistently denied (the truth)?”

***Excerpt from Volume 3: Social Consciousness – Removing the Middleman Series, by Rashed Hasan. Copyright by Author***

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