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Key Concepts

1.     Characteristics of the Muttaquin

2.     The Five Daily Worships (Salat)

3.     The Nature of Disbelief and Disbelievers

4.     God’s Grace to Mankind

5.     Heaven and Hell

6.     Adam, Angels, and Iblis

7.     Characteristics of the Followers of Moses and Lessons to be Learned

8.     The Universal Message of Islam: Faith, Accountability, and Good Actions

9.     Fasting (Sawm): A Fundamental Requirement of Islamic Faith

10.  Marriage and Divorce

11.  War

12.  Charity and Zakat

13.  Widows

14.  Usury and Interest

15.  Financial Dealings

16.  Protection of the Place of Worship

17.  Hajj and Umra